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Climate change is here ! How will we deal with this given the shortage of energy supplies?

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I read on Snowmail the C4 news blog last night that the Jet Stream - the powerful high altitude fast airstream that usually crosses the top of Scotland has shifted a thousand miles south and is currently bordering Northern Spain - Vigo towards Bilbao. The Jet Stream is incredibly important to us in the UK, it gave us our renowned mild and temperate climate, not too hot and not too cold.

. The shift has meant that the UK has no protection or jet stream barrier against the freezing arctic north European winds and temperatures, hence the awful weather right now. I am lucky I live in London, but trust me it is bitter here (no settled snow)

But I am stuck in doors. Lets all hope is temporary as a permanent shift might mean I move 1000 miles south also.

Also did you hear the fabulous news that the UK has less than 72 hours gas supply right now? How scary is that , given we are so reliant on just in time imports? I am just so tired of our political leaders right now, they have no backbone whatsoever. JF Sort it Out !

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The jet stream does move erratically, and often finds itself in places that cause our weather to go haywire. It will as always drift back to what we consider a more normal position.

As far as the gas reserves are concerned, they are low, once again fairly normal for this time of the year, but the supply routes are all now working so there really should be no problems.

Thank you for that Tony..I was getting a bit worried Not really, but some HealthUnlockders could become stressed with comments like that.



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I agree - some things are best left unsaid. Nothing we can do.

sorry king did not intend to alarm, its been a long horrible winter.

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Thanks toonamp I must admit I did not research this and in hindsight did not want to panic people, but Liam Dutton C4 weather guy did seem concerned.

anyway I am happy to pay my gas bills....not!

My father told me that we are on the same lattitude as Russia and its only the Jet Stream and Gulf Stream that stop Britian being as cold. Hope it comes back soon!

Bev xx

PS love your names beatles yeah yeah yeah :)

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O DEARY ME,glad i dont live in london,they reckon most of it will be under 3ft of water in about 20 yrs....After the ice age ended,which was mainly in the north,scotland started rising,,,and england started sinking back to its original position,.............

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moving on .......................

I too heard about the gas supplies but there is a tanker expected to arrive tomorrow that will solve things, for now. We just don't have enough capacity for storage in this country.

Lynne xx

Richard , I know many on here get stressed very easily, and panic is one of the main things we really don't want to do.

It's understandable that people do get concerned. Some of the more sensationalistic newspapers make the worst of these situations, simply to increase sales.

I noticed the Daily Mail had an article that almost had us back in the ice age.

My information came from the weather centre and a very balanced report by Channel 4 news, amongst others.

Well we have no snow here in Weymouth, but is bitterly cold,,i live in a small village with no gas,but have opened up the fireplace, and have a lovely fire going,,,we get frequent powercuts here, so always nice to know i can light the fire and make toast,,and a camping stove to make tea,,,i heard rom some weather expert that this weather happens every 20 yrs,,,hmmm

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