hi, a family member suggested I take vitamin c and echinachae tablets to help build up my immune system etc as mine seems to be very low....can anyone tell me if they use/have tried these and wether they do help etc, im constantly taking clarithromycin and prednisolone and also ventolin/becotide and Spiriva inhalers, any info on vit c and echinacae would be very helpful

thank you

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Hi Tuzzy99....I take echinachae in the winter and a daily vit C you can only take it for 8 weeks then stop for a few weeks i had constant infections but have found not had a cold this winter dont know if its just coincidence or not but will be taking it again next winter vot C is 1000 get it from the health shop good luck, and hope you keep better.

Hi yes I swear by echinacea in the winter I was takin it up to 3wks ago I ran out ,at the mo got a cold that's gone on my chest thati can't shift,doc 1st put me on amoxicillin for 2 wks ,useless ,today I called doc out and he's given me clarithomycin and steroids,hav felt really awfull,I'm now starting to cough a lot so I guess it's breaking it up ,il never run out echinacea. Again it's kept me going theses last few winters,I take 1000mg,along with fish oil omega3.dos said today that the cold weather has affected a lot of people with adthma

Iv just ordered some more echinacea online,my usual brand

At the mo with this infection my peak flow is that not to bad?

My ribs r killing me from all this coughing ,think its the a/b tabs working iv coughed for England today,be glad when iv recovered from this,roll on summer

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