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Had to go back to the old flat today,a wee tidy,run around with the hoover,ect ect.Now i was a 50 a day man till a month ago,then bang another chest infection a realy bad one ill for a fortnight.NOT HAD A CIGGIE FOR 4 WEEKS.Flat is 2 floors up steep stairs 42 steps felt like climbing everest normally collapsed gasping at the door,!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TODAY A WEE BIT BREATHLESS,but not in a heap looking for inhaler,,, magic,,,Will admit to using elec ciggie now and again...I HAVE MORE ENERGY,, CAN BREATH A BIT BETTER IF NOT CHESTY,,Never gonna start again,, reckon smoking has cut my lfe span a fair bit.Still,, my own fault...Keep well folks

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Not really used to hide in the bathroom with the extractor on..that was the only room i ever smoked in,,,also used to burn a candle to cut the smell


Good man well done lord knows it ain't easy!

Good luck,



You have met my mate WILL POWER .

Well done.



Well done!!!!!!!

When I was smoking I could not mow the lawn without very regular breaks for getting breath back, ...... that was three years ago, despite having COPD since stopping smoking I am still much less breathless than I was those three years ago,.... mow the large lawn in one (slightly slow) go... well last Summer .... not tried yet as so wet !

Not smoking is the BEST thing you can do ...... stick with it and enjoy the air!!

All the best





Thanks for posting that id2409, You give me inspiration. I am only on my 8th day of quitting cigarettes and look forward to being able to do a bit of gardening in a few short weeks. Surely the weather will have improved by then.


You have done really well. I too can see how much better I am for stopping, despite the COPD. I hate the smell now too.

Lynne xx


There must be something sadly wrong with me because in spite of not touching a cigarette since last May I dont dislike the smell of smoke> Stale smoke is not that pleasant but there are far worse smells eg:BO and strong perfume


Well done id2409 quitting is not easy but your blog on here has given some encouragement to teabag 333 (well done to you too).

Thats what this blog is all about.

polly xx


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