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I have just received my flutter this morning and i used it at once and boy it works great, i didn`t have much phlegm today but it opens up the airways too so when i`m breathing out after i have used it the air comes out in one go instead of like PLB, i feel a hell of a lot better ..i do have oxygen and bebuliser and steroids , the lot really and this has made breathing better than any of those, well in conjuction with those i suppose, i mustn`t get carried away here lol if anyone chooses to try one go to EVERGREEN NEBULISERS. just do a search and look for that site on the list .hope this helps someone..it cost £45 including delivery and first class post which took less than 48hrs.i have seen some on ebay for £59 ..


never give up ..

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  • Did you try to get one on prescription first ? That's how I got mine.

  • i`m sorry for answering your letter so late and no i didn`t ..i didn`t know you could get them on prescription oh well live and learn..Bob.

    never give up ..

  • As long as it works for you mate,,thats the way to go..have a great day....

  • what s a flutter?

  • I hope this link will explain it better than I can.


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