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strange but true

strange but sometimes i wake up and feel so good and have a good day has if there is nothing wrong with me and then i remember that i do have this COPD and then get upset

I have always hate doing exercise but must admit after walking on that tread mill for a while i do feel much much better..just hope my body and breathing will let me keep it up

I think it so strange but if ever i do some swimming i never seem to get breathles..wonder why that is ?

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Having a 'good' day is a real tonic, isn't it music ? The exercise we do is very important too as it helps release those 'feel good' endorphins into our system. As for the swimming, it's the best exercise of all as the water is offering buoyancy to your body so any exercise undertaking in it is less strenuous therefore we breathe easier :)

Keep on keeping on ......


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