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Aches and Pains

I know I have probably asked this question before but in a different way but - Does anybody suffer from the constant and permanent feeling of chest and both upper and lower back tightness/ache/discomfort, as though you lungs are trying to press against your ribs (or at times burst through your chest - although I know this is not possible LOL. I know that your ribs are connected to your vertebrae but it really is becoming quite a problem.

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Yes. You described my symptoms spot on. Since November, this has been the worst feeling ever. I constantly struggle to breath and this is taking up my every waking day, I'm beginning to feel that I'm missing out on life worrying if I will feel any better. Stop smoking in October and felt so ill. I do believe its because I can't bring the mucus up with the smokers' cough now. I constantly feel as though I'm being smothered. Good luck.


Yes.A very good description of how i feel on a daily basis too.Best Wishes


May be worth seeing gp,could be you need better medication ???? i used to get a fair bit of chest pain.Found paracetamol helped greatly, but a visit to doc and a new inhaler worked even better,,,,keep well


I get the feeling that I have a tight band around my ribs especially lower right ribs

Lib x


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