Michael Meacham

We were recently asked to support the above in his plea to be heard in the House of Commons. I wrote to my MP, Sir James Paice. He was unable to attend yesterday but this link will give the transcript of the debate for those of you who are interested.,


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  • Thanks for the link to Hansard, which I've just read. I've only one word - disappointing... :(

  • hi gordan ye ive read it .and the word disapointment is mild .i would have said something stronger but were not allowed on hear i suppose.as for mps oh sorry my honourable friends /wait a moo cough cough/my foot alf are bent other quater ave been done for fiddling /some are in jail/the rest just havnt been caught yet/the mps just want to get elected for there secure pensions and perks etc /then prance arond like there 10feet tall/ye my bakside.come voting god there noking on drs /bog smiles on there faces/after elections thats it/dont see alf of them for dust.ring to speak to any of them /oh he/r she not available leave a message/will get bak/never do.so the message i leave from now on is not printable.but does get left.

  • I agree with Gordon on finding it very disappointing

  • Ditto to what Gordon & KOTC say.

  • Ditto here too. :(

  • I have followed with interest for some time now and the link provided wowsa confirms the responsibility we have for our own actions borrowing by the public who regarded credit as a cash windfall are aghast when asked for payment when large swathes of society have lived beyond their means lead by a profligate government was this not the expected outcome.

  • Same here, disgustung!!!

  • I think Michael Meacher did his best.

    Lynne xx

  • Agreed. x

  • I also think Mr Meacher did what he could. We will have to wait to see there has been a change.It could be along wait.

  • I asked by email for my MP to give this his unequivocal support.

    Naturally he didn't reply so naturally I won't be replying when he asks for my vote in a few years time.


  • I emailed my MP too and heard nothing so ditto JayKew.

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