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Coca & treatment to alleviate symptoms of emphysema.

Is anyone aware of any clinical trials on the use of Coca as a treatment to alleviate symptoms of emphysema.

I have travelled to South America on numerous occasions in the past, and I've always had a positive response when using Coca leaves & Coca tea to alleviate the added stress to the body when subjected to the rarefied air in the Andes.

I am sure it helped me acclimatise to altitude,alleviating headaches & also giving more stamina.

I would be most interested to see if anyone else got any comments on this subject.

Take care


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Hi Dave,

I was very interested to read your post and will definitely be googleing it as soon as I leave the site lol

I am a great believer in alternative medicines so this would definitely be worth a look.

Thanks for posting.:)


Hi Jan,

Please let me know how you get on.

There may already be something available on the market.

If not, there should be !

Take care


en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coca Very interesting plant, but I don't think there are any clinical trials happening..could be wrong though! :)

Would it do to just eat lots of chocolate bars? I love chocolate.

Hi Copdber, Sorry to enlighten you but there is a difference between cocoa (chocolate) and coca (cocaine). But then again you probably know this!

i have thought that there could be some new ideas where people live in high altitudes and come into breathing problems ie diving, that has also come up today with helium mixture heliox, very intersting. thank you Richard

oops! know I couldn't be that lucky

Coca leaves and coca tea are illegal across most of the world I'm afraid, even though producing cocaine from them is a difficult & lengthy process and there is no evidence that there is enough cocaine in the leaves to cause addiction.

I wonder if the UN executives who decided this were sitting round a table smoking an addictive cigar and drinking an addictive brandy at the time - and at our expense

hello frank.im copd moderate /ope u dont mind me riting to u.i read most of thez now/as hear in oldham ther is nothing at all.i was told at xmas i had it/never heard of it so i look on hear for help and advice wich as been very good up to now.i read at ur rehab theres two muslim woman there.can i ask ave they got copd to.take care

ps so is cocoa leaves good for copd

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