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What does this all mean? I have read through much of the information this site seen the support and advice you offer please can anyone help?

someone I care about early 50's is ex? smoker short of breath and astmatic since childhood who recently had a lung xray which GP advised showed scarring, now seen a consultant and tells me that is having an mri scan next week, and most probably surgery to remove parts of lungs which are hyperinflated and pushing on rib cage ???

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I should think its best wait for the MRI scan results and see what comes from that.

Try not to think the worst as it may not lead to surgery yet. Tony.


Hi, I don't know for sure but this sounds like it may be lung volume reduction surgery where they removed damaged parts so the better parts have more space expand. Libby


Hi, wait for MRI scan result and try not to worry too much. I had half a lung removed 40 years ago, my mate had hers removed 50 years ago and we are still hopeful of improving our condition further. su


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