What household cleaning products do you use?

Some household cleaning products do have a very strong smell. For a long time I've avoided them as much as I can because I just plain don't like the smell. For kitchen and bathroom surfaces I use Method products as they are natural and "breathable". They are more expensive and never seem to be on offer but they do last a long time as not much is needed.

However I'm struggling to find a toilet gel/cleaner. At the moment I use Asda toilet gel (£1 for two bottles) but like most others it's quite strong and opening the window doesn't make it much better. I really need to change it ASAP. Has anyone found a toilet cleaner with minimal smell, preferably not much more expensive than the Asda one?

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  • You could try one of these blocks you put in the cisteren they work very well, and to give a scub a bit of baking powder sprinkeld in the bowl

  • Whoops,scub means scrub,,,forgot to read it first....

  • Hi seasidesusie

    There are lots of instructions on the internet about natural products. One uses white vinegar and baking soda.


    Allergy UK also has information on products they endorse, this may be worth looking at.




  • White vinegar and baking soda - great idea, I've got both in my cupboard. Thanks Jo.

  • Hello everyone

    I use Star drops it's brilliant for everything, usually pick it up for £1, good old fashioned product been around since 1946.


  • I've got some Stardrops too but I would have thought it would be too frothy for cleaning inside a toilet bowl. Have you tried it for that?

  • Yes I use it on the toilet, it's brilliant makes everything shine.


  • We have a small green BnB and use all cleaners from Ecover and the likes. I always forget I have a problem till I go in someone else's house. Yes we use vinegar for cleaning most things, especially glass.

  • Vinegar, and baking soda, also lemon is very effective. I cant use household cleaners with chemicals, or washing comfort sloutions, lots of things set me off. I dont have very advanced copd, but bad enough and lots of strong smells get on my chest, or in my throat. Petrol is another, and whenever im in garage, i have to cover nose and mouth. Makes me feel quite sick too. Some perfumes are bad, but fortunately ive found ones i like that dont affect me. (i love perfumes).Nail varnish is a no no, but if i put it on i wear a mask to do so.Toilets clean very well with bicarb, or denture cleaning fluid or tablets. There are some cheap ones around. Hope you find success.

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