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Oxygen cylinders

I have just been out for lunch with hubby and 12 of our Breathe Easy group.

One of the ladies who is 4ft nothing lugs about this oxygen cylinder on her back, I asked if that was the smallest she could get and she said yes. She uses so much energy getting it on and off she is exhaused. I am not on oxygen myself but I understood you could have a much lighter concentrator can you get these supplied by your oxygen provider.

polly xx

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Hi Polly

Yes there are smaller and lighter cylinders, I use one with BOC and it is a "ZA". Other suppliers will have something similar.

Alternatively, if she uses liquid oxygen, then there are even more lighter cylinders she can use. She needs to speak to her respiratory nurse/doctor about something easier to carry aboutas they are th only people who can change the arrangements with the provider.

The other thing I use is a "rollator", a three wheel trolley which I put my cylinder in and push around when I am outside. I bought mine from Ebay but understand some NHS Trusts will supply them free of charge, I have to say thislatter information is about 3 years old and may no longer apply. However if you don't ask, you don't get!

Please do pass on this information when you see her next



Will do , thank you M

polly xx


Amazon do small portable ones too.



I also use a 3 wheel rollator to carry my oxygen cylinder, the physios at pr arranged for mine from OT on loan, but if a cylinder with vents(a Helios for example) the carry bag will need to be changed for a mesh one. I got mine from a local mobility shop for a couple of pounds, it is one that you hang on a zimmer.

Carole x


My husband used to trail his oxygen cylinder around in my shopping trolley. We triied to get him on liquid oxygen but now his oxygen is number '7' so it is too high for liquid oxygen.

He now gets around in a mobility scooter or we hang the oxygen on the back of the wheelchair.

Anyway good luck with whatever you decide.



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