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Had a very productive meeting with my Community Matron yesterday.

It was good to set down what I would like to happen with someone who can make most of it happen. She's a lovely lady who understands the needs and wishes of people like me. As I am in the latter stages of IPF, with no more treatment available that would make any difference. It was very helpful. She is going to notify my, GP, my local hospital and the ambulance service of my wishes.

The meeting has left me feeling a lot more content. I would recommend to anyone with a long term illness that they contact their own Matron.

On the plus side we're of for a weekend in Bournemouth O2 sorted so off we shall go.

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  • Baldie really pleased for you - my own matron is an absolute gem so I understand just what you mean.

    Enjoy Bournemouth.


  • Hope you have a great weekend Baldie! xxx

  • Get things dealt with then it's clear no doubts when making decisions is the last thing that is on your mind. Get on with life without having the need of further stress worrying what should be done.

  • I hope the sun shines on you Baldie, you deserve it. Have a Great Time in Bournemouth. Tony.

  • Good wishes for the weekend Baldie hope the weather improves,

  • It's always a bit warmer in Bouremouth, enjoy the weekend

    Lib x

  • I can endorse 100% of what you say Baldie. My own Community Matron is a gem, though she discharged me a couple of weeks ago as not needing her any longer, she did say I could ring her at any time if there are/were problems and re-register with her direct, no need to go through my GP.

    I'm really glad you're feeling content about things and trust that this will continue for a long while yet :)

    Keep on keeping on ......... and have a great relaxing weekend :)

  • I love my mums matron, she is an absolute star, nothing is too much trouble.

    All the things I have been trying to sort out ( hospital appointments,, dietician, oxygen assessment ), she has done it all

  • Bournemouth enjoy it.You deserve a nice holiday

  • Enjoy Bournmouth, hope the sun shines for you.x

  • Where can I get one, mentioned it to the doctors receptionist and she didn't know what I was talking about, said they had a district nurse but she wouldn't be able to help us, and the respiratory nurse which we had to sort out will only come out if my husband is bedridden. The doctor doesn't want to know said that we have a repeat prescription for antibiotics and steroids and he cant do anything more for him. So just go around in circles.

  • Your doctor ought to know, if not try the hospital. Mine made the initial contact with me so I'm not sure where she heard of me. Good luck.

  • I was also going to ask where the Community Matron comes from? I have heard you all talking about her on this forum but have never been offered one. Do you have to ask? Who do you ask? Also I do not have a respiratory nurse to turn to for help. How do I get all this wonderful help?

  • I'm afraid I can't help as I said to Badham mine contacted me. I'm not sure if it was my consultant or my doctor made the arrangements. I think it is because my condition is terminal and the matron is there to help with my wishes when the time comes.

    As I understand it there is a Community Matron in every area so your GP should know.

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