Reason to be Cheerful. Part 1

Reason to be Cheerful.  Part 1

3 to 4 weeks ago I was asked by a Transplant consultant to lose weight because your chances of surviveing the operation were greatly increased. He also said the only way of effectively doing this is eating less. Well beleive me you sit up and listen under these circumstances, suddenly chocolate, sweets, cakes etc just did'nt look as appealing, infact they seem to be like poison to me. The outcome so far has been very promiseing as I can actually do up my shoe laces without my belly getting in the way, I look into a mirror and the chipmonk cheeks that I blamed on the steroids have gone, my trousers feel comfortable again and my scales this morning are telling me that Iv'e lost exactally 1 stone. Yipee!!!. There is still half a stone to go for my ideal weight but I'll get there, there's no dought about it. If you are overweight and want to feel cheerful then try eating less, it really works. I hav'nt starved myself, just cut out the sugar and put a little less on the plate. Tony. I wish you all the best of health :) The photo is of me sat on the lawn LAST MARCH in record 25 deg of heat, Think i'll give the shorts a miss today, brrrrrrr

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  • Hi Tony,congrats you have done well.A great incentive to do so of course!

    I found exactly the same as you,used a smaller dinner plate(made a big difference)and cut out the sugars,& went from 84 kilos down to 72 kilos,such a relief to bend down,& not huff & puff,blaming it on the copd!!

    Any news of when you are accepted? I have been off the blog for a while,due to hubby's accident.

    Wish you all the best,Wendells xxx

  • Hi dall05

    Well done for the fantastic weight loss - sometimes we just need a really good incentive.



  • Thanks Jo, The consultant was right, he said you will feel so much better about yourself and quess what, I do! Even if I don't make the transplant list the weight is staying off now, my knackered old lungs are very grateful. I was 14 stone 2lbs and he wants me at 12 stone 7 lbs, I wont let him down. Once again Jo Thanks very much.

  • Hi Wendells, good to here from you again, I was beginning to wonder if you had another cyclone or something. Whats hubby been up too, is he alright?. In answer to your question I'm having a 4 day vaccation at Birmingham QE Hospital starting on Monday where thier doing assessment part 2. If they find no other problems with the rest of my body then I could be on the transplant list soon, everything is crossed. You have done well with your weight loss, its a good feeling is'nt it and it makes doing stuff so much easier. Tony xxx

  • Nice one,,you keep it up,,sounds like you have a fantastic goal in sight,,,well done you

  • Cheers id2409 I got to do my bit which is get myself in the best possible condition. Just gotta keep dodging those pesky bugs now eh' keep Healthy id Tony.

  • Well done Tony another hint besides the smaller plate is to eat slowly then you think you have had more to eat than you have because of the time it takes :) It also helps with the digestion

    Keep going



  • Thanks Janet, any information is very helpfull. Have you made it to the bottom of your garden again on your own. The more times you do it the easier it will get, who knows you may even get to watch Stockport County playing Hereford utd one day. If you do, I'll be there, maybe next season eh', so get out there and be brave, you can beat this thing. Tony xx

  • You are a very positive and happy person, hope all goes well for you Tony. I need to put weight on, I'm on ADs which surpresses my appetite, I eat kit kats like there's no tomorrow

    but I'm still skinny, any suggestions anyone on how to get fat.

    Lib x

  • Maybe you need some clotted cream on your kitkats, now there's a thought. Putting weight on sounds a lot more fun than my apples and carrot sticks.

    Hey' Libbygood your supposed to be helping me lose weight, you've sowed a very torturous seed. Its ok though I'm tough enough not to be beaten by a pesky kitkat. (or two) Ha HA

    Remember more clotted cream with those Kitkats Lib and you'll be fine. :) Tony xx

  • That is my problem too when I went to the dietician she told me to increase my dairy intake - yeh like that works well with COPD :D

  • What about Telford AFC, things are not looking good for them and poor old Shrewsbury, and then there's Wolves and now Aston Villa, my son in laws are Mancunians - say no more.

    Lib x

  • My Niece and her partner live in Manchester. She's lived there most of her life and he was born there so being UTD supporters thier on cloud nine at the moment. I love it when we visit, thier mad for it Utd fans and his Grandad who lives next door is Man City so there great entertainment with all the banter. Of course they give me a bit of stick supporting Hereford. About 20 years ago Hereford drew Man utd in the FA cup and only lost 1-0 too a very late goal. If only we had won that game it would have given me amunition for life. Telford have just made claim to a new record I believe for the worst run of games without a win. Its all about money these days and they probably hav'nt got any.

    Remember to use more clotted cream while your watching Match of the Day

    Tony xx

  • Sat up listening good role model dal05 the right reasons are written down on the refrigerator door

  • Thanks Aril, It seems sugar was my enemy so I'll steer clear from now on.


  • sipping water helps stomach feel full. as well as helping with mucus .

  • Thanks Juliekkay, shame its only water and not something a little stronger eh'.

    All information is much appreciated. Tony :)

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