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Out of breath/sweating?

Does anyone else, like me, start to sweat profusely at about the same time as getting out of breath? It seems to run off me like little rivers.


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Hi lucky

i do see to sweat a bit when i have exertated myself but to be on the safe side maybe you should mention this to your doc, but have you tried doing a bit of exercise, doing a bit more each day so you are comftorble. Also if you are going to be doing anything strenous, use your inhaler before hand instead of after this may help

Take Care


The sweating began before the breathlessness and I had assumed that it was my age, you know...hormones and stuff, but I had a full hysterectomy about 11 years ago and was on HRT for 5 years but I don't think the sweating coincided with coming off that. I'm on a lot of other meds too though for psychotic depression and back pain so I guess it could be anything. I get bad headaches and go really dizzy too but my oxygen sats seem to be ok so I don't really know why.

Hi Lucky,

Like you say it could be a reaction to your meds, or coming off HRT, but speak to your GP they should put you right


Hi Stitch,

I was glad to see your post about headaches and sob.

I live on the fifth floor with no lift and although I take my inhaler before attempting to scale the stairs I always get very short of breath .

When I get indoors and relax and start getting my breath back I get a tremendously pounding headache which also leaves me feeling pretty tired.

My doctors solution?? ,,,move to some where without all those stairs lol

Jan x

Hi Stitch,

I've been off HRT for 6 years. My back pain (lumbar) - I too am assuming that its related to a bad horse riding accident that I had in my teens that paralysed me for 3 months with very badly bruised kidneys and trapped sciatic nerve! It could be lack of 'regular' exercise too I guess or just plain age catching up! Lol

BTW - what is 'sob'?

sob= short of breath :)

HI Lucky,

Please correct me if I'm wrong but weren't you the lady that not only gave up smoking recently but also took yourself off diazapem?

How long have the sweats been going on ?

Be careful hun in case it is a reaction to stopping the diazapem.

I only say tis because I had a friend who had been on it for years and went 'cold turkey' and she was really ill.

Her doctor told her it was the same type of reaction that a drug addict experiences(not that I'm saying you are an addict lol) and your body needs to get used to being without slowly.

Take care

Jan x

Hi Jan,

You are correct...that's me! I was an addict...I am an addict - addicted to air...just can't get enough of the stuff! (Sorry - do like to have a laugh...even when suicidal). My granddaughter calls me 'Grandma Crackhead', she's 12/13 years old and a real handful (everyone says she's just like her Grandma used to be - me!).

I started cutting back on the diazepam as my New Years Resolution - it's been a bit up and down but heading in the right direction (none for 2 days now) but had to take some last week when my two last teeth broke off at the gum line taking my bridge with them. Ditto with the cigs - quit for 2 days then had a packet over 5 days until I'd been to the dentist (yesterday morning) for the roots removed but promised myself that I wouldn't buy any more and to quit completely by/on budget day (today). It's going quite well so far - not even missed them as yet but then haven't eaten either - that's when I'll miss them!

Thanks for thinking of those though...you must have a good memory, I'd never recall who said what! Half the time I don't even know what day it is.

The sweats (and headaches) started about 3 years ago and I was diagnosed with COPD almost a year later but had been short of breath for about a year too (just thought I was 'out of condition') - that's what made me wonder if they were connected.

My long term depression has left me fairly sedentary (compared to pre depression when I was very active) so it wasn't until I was really short of breath that I thought that anything was wrong...s'funny - I'd been fine until I came back from a New Year in Paris with an awful chests infection that lasted nearly three months...that really was awful!

Sorry, I'm just prattling on - that about sums it all up though.


lol prattle on all you like ,,we all need to rant sometimes :)

Like you I am battling the dreaded weed at the mo...trying desperately to give up.

Taken the advice of someone here and bought myself some of the lozenges so will try those tomorrow...no use trying to give up half way though the day lol.

You might still be getting over your chest infection sometimes they take ages to clear up with me.

Think we all need some sunshine to cheer us .

Any time you want a rant or even just to speak feel free to private message me if you don't want to post on the site.

Take care

Jan x

I sweat whenever I do anything.Water drips from my forehead covering my glasses and dripping off my chin.My clothing is continually wet with sweat even in the winterf.Something as simple as climbing the stairs and I sweat as though I have run a marathon.My GP says it is definately my anti depressant medication so I will have to put up with it and keep carrying spare clothes around.I have given up worrying if I look a state.Take care

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