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A visit to the dentist Hee HEE .Very pulling HealthUnlockders

A guy and a girl meet at the bar of a local hostlery

They get talking so well that they decide to go to the girls place.

A few drinks later,the guy takes off his shirt and then washes his hands.

He then takes off his trousers and again washes his hands.The girl has been watching him and says:

'' You must be a dentist.''

The guy, surprised, says:

''Yes .How did you figure that out?''

''Easy..'' she replies,''you keep washing your hands.''

One thing leads to another and they end up doing what comes naturally.

After it is all over the girl says''You must be a good dentist''

The guy ,now with an inflated EGO ,says.

'' Sure I'm a good dentist .How did you figure that out?''

The girl replies.............









Richard Cornish


It comes naturally to go to your local Breathe Easy group

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I bet he'd rather have had his teeth pulled ! :)

I think so to!

I did feel something at my local Breathe Easy class today, The satisfaction of knowing Iv'e done something positive to help myself. :) Tony.

That is always a good feeling

My dentist is great too, I never feel a thing either. Mind you, he's never taken his trousers off............... and I hope he never does, I hate that lopsided laugh you get when you've had an injection! ;)

Well really libbyI What a mind you've got!

I needed a smile this morning,& got it,thanks! Xx

I woke up this morning and the smiling was fine ooh ee............. dentists here! I had two roots pulled today (sorry, it's yesterday now) and have had to have stitches cos I bleed a lot and they had to cut my gums. I feel like I've been kicked in the mouth by a horse at the mo. more painkillers please!

Lucky :)

Is that in 'Today ' as it was 'Yesterday' or the day before 'Tomorrow' as it would be'Today' after 'Yesterday'?

Nice one mate needed a laugh this morning.Pity i did not do better at school think i would have made a great dentist hahahahahahahaha

Pull the other one!

Haha, nice one King. I'm going to my new dentist this morning and I hope to god he keeps his trousers on! Actually I have seen him several times in his boxers.

Usually on a Wednesday night. (Wednesday night is rubbish night and he lives next door :-) )

Are you saying his boxers are full of rubbish????????????

Well, I dont know KOTC. It's usually dark!

Wednesday night we put out our rubbish before bedtime and it's often hilarious. Various neighbours all popping their heads up in various states of dress "hello, haven't seen you for a while", "oh,how are you". Then if I see my pal 4 doors away we have a conversation for a bit, usually at midnight.

I'm the lucky one who gets to see Del in his sparkling white boxers. Makes my week!

So you are not 'Whiter than White'

Thank you for my morning tickle! Talking of hand washing I was having a check up in the hospital last week and nipped in to the loo to wash my hands when this lady came out , did not wash her hands and walked off down the corridor and into a room where she obviously worked! :o

That's awful, but sadly I'm not surprised any more. I went to stay with a lifelong friend a couple of years ago - a few days in I realised she didn't wash her hands after she'd been to the loo (downstairs loo with sink in the kitchen, so it was very obvious when she came straight back in the lounge) - I thought I'd ever get out of there alive! Makes my stomach turn just remembering it. ;(

She looked so smart too Libby, bright red coat,long blonde hair ,clippity high heels, the dentist would have loved her lol!

How do you know?Were you that dentist?

A lot of yuk.

That's a sterile topic!

OMG you remind me of when my daughter got stabbed in the eye with a sharp stick gardening (her 1st effort).

In the middle of the night it was such agony that she got a cab to Ealing A&E. They said sorry, you need to go to Moorfields. Cab to Moorfields. They said sorry, no emergency cover here go to Paddington. By this time cabs are scarce so she starts to walk, one eyed & crying.

She finally got to the final A&E with eye care & waits ages. No other patients are waiting, only her. After 2 hours she hears movement, a loo flushes next door with definitely no other running of water).

A dishevelled man appears doing up his trousers. clearly he's just out of bed too.

He immediately starts examining her eye without hand washing or even using gel or gloves.

She also cant understand a word he says then: Anna asks "how much of this antibiotic ointment do I put it in"? Doctor: "it's free". Anna; "no, how much to put in my eye"? Doc: "it's free". Anna: "no, no, how-much-ointment-shall-I-administer-to-my-eye"? "It's - free" shouts doc. Honestly, this went on for some time with Anna varying her words & she never did find out the correct dose.

EYE EYE what's going on here then?

Thanks you for making me laugh again your a tonic.

A new tonic of laughter everyday

Thanks for the laugh you are a great tonic


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