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Diagnosed last june with mild emphysema and other medical conditions to.having trouble with benefits and fighting apeals can anyone help ?

Im constantly tired breathless ... Coughing up flem on inhalers and got flutter device ... Benefits seem to think it doesnt effect my life as bad as it does ..having to fight constantly .. As anyone else had to fight appeals because of having mild emphyasema many thanks z

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Hello. I don't know. I know its horrible and that you feel rotten. I worked in to severe stage and know people working on o2. You mention having other medical conditions so you must feel dreadful. Maybe see your doc for a review of your meds and give the bfl folks a ring and talk it over with them. Are you on mucodyne? It helps with flem. Good luck with it all

Is a tough one ... I still fighting myself my doctor as not helped one bit

Is hard esp when not up to it ... You need good doctor and specilist who can confirm how bad you are

DWP departmeat of w"""" and p"""" takers and those fools at atos"""ers who need to worry about using people who have not had there NHS privlages revoked need to get a grip ...

Sorry about rant but easy done when talking about them fools

All the best sorry could mot give any tangable advice ... But your not alone

Hi there thank u for help its mind numbing im having to fight against atos esa and disability..... Dont no wether im coming or goin ... I just wish those who sit and decide on how u live shud come and move in with u then theyl hav the right to decide .... Thanx for trying to help tho much apprechiated and i agree with u 100%

Agreed atos dwp just liers ... Make it up as thay go along

Hi linsabout thank u for answering ....the dwp say ive been diagnosed with emphysema not copd .... Called blf helpline today they said emyph is copd ..... Im just so confused on it all ...in june i was diagnosed stage 1 mild but i have carried on smoking heavily since then would that make this progress to the next stage quiker ?? And thsnk u ill ask abt that drug

Smoking is not good ... Will not help your condition or what atos or dwp are doing

All the best :)

I have blogged about my most recent experience with Atos.

Try going to the citizens advice, they may be able to help with the form filling etc. they know how to word things to a better effect

Thank u ... It was the c a b who filled in the forms im making a complaint against the doc i was discusted when i got report back shed twisted my answers and just basically lied abt me .......

Im wondering if your doctor has helped with the claim and written to dwp on your behalf as that would help with an appeal. Also when did you last see the copd nurse? I didn't even know i had it at stage one, thought it was a smokers cough i had. For you to be suffering so much maybe you have got worse since June?

Hi, there is a website called DWPExamination.org it's free to join and there is lots of help on there about atos esa dla and info about the appeal process there are lots of people on there with all sorts of illnesses and such i found it very helpful as i have had to appeal won my appeal and now on my second appeal.

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