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Newbie introduction, 10 years recurrent infections

Hi, I would like to introduce myself to this site.

I am a 41 yr old mum of two and have a wonderful hubby who looks after me whenever I am I'll!

I am off work this week for the umpteenth time with pneumonia ( it's been recurring for 10 years now on average about 4 times a year) I have antibiotics in the house for when it happens to prevent hospitalisation which means I can catch it at the start.

I don't have cf,copd,Bronchiectasis,Empysima(it is in thanks family though)I don't have an impaired immune system although I am wheat intolerant so have been Gluten free for 5 years as it exasperates my asthma.

I don't smoke either.

My asthma is under control and when I am well I am very well.

I am very concerned about my future though, about the long term effects of antibiotics and what the chance is oif me developing other associated illnesses.

I assume there are others out there like me?

Has anyone found an answer?

I can't help worrying about these things more each time it happens

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A big welcome, Jessie pup, you will meet lots of friendly and helpful people. I have similar to yourself, but feel guilty because I am an awful lot older than you. You are right to consider your future. There again you will receive support. Also there is the BLF staff who are helpful too. All thre very best from Annie80

Hi and welcome Jessiepup. :) I don't have your illness but just saying hi.

A welcome from myself as well! Interesting how many times you get pneumonia,do the Docs. Have an answer for that.?I'm so glad for your sake,that you have a good hubby to look after you.It sounds as though you are doing all the right things,so it must be frustrating.

Hope you enjoy the site here,

Wendells xxx

Dont let it grind you down...........THIS MAY HELP A BIT,,,,during cold and damp weather keep mouth and nose covered so you not breathing in icy cold or damp air......I use a snoody thing or a scarf dont care what people think health more important !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DO NOT WALK IN TO A BANK OR POST OFFICE THOUGH YOU FRIGHTEN THE STAFF,,,, WITHOUT TAKING IT DOWN HAHAHAHA

And a welcome from me too, awaiting a diagnosis. I'm newish here and learning many tips from others experiences.

Like you I had pneumonia 5 times in 2 years - until the asthma nurse gave me the pneumonia jab a year ago.

Ask for one, get your flu jabs too.

You're obviously aware of healthy eating and lifestyle so that will help enormously as will avoiding close contact with people who've got coughs & colds. I wish you all the best in staying well and strong. P

Interestingly I have not had the pneumonia jab. My consultant thinks that as I have had it so many times that I can't be building my own immunity, therefor the vaccine would have no effect.

Personally I can't see the harm in having it though

Yes I think it's a good thing as I believe these constant infections won't be doing our lungs much good and that makes me fear for the future.

The nurse told me the vaccination will last 3years but I've read here that it could last much longer. Beware though, I did feel dreadful for a few days afterwards but so pleased I had it.

Funny GPs didn't mention it though, perhaps it's expensive.

Take care. P

Hello Jessiepup, wecome and glad you found the site, plenty of good advice here, have you spoken to anyone at the BLF, they are so helpful. I think a jab would be a good idea as well, I had one a couple of years ago and no side effects.Hope you get some help to sort it out,take care, Carol x

Thanks everyone for your support, I am going to give the helpline a call today .

Hi Jessiepup. I am 69 and my problems probably started 60 years ago and my learning might be relevant to you. As a child I suffered a lot with tonsillitis and was prescribed dozens of courses of antibiotics. After I married I had no more tonsil problems and put my earlier tonsil problems down to vitamin deficiency possibly caused by pressure cooking my vegetables.

In my late twenties I started with severe acidity and the doctor told me that it might take some time to get to the bottom of this problem but to keep coming back - little did we realise how many times I would be going back! After a few years I was being sick every evening and at weekends bringing up large amounts of mucus and acid. After a course of antihistamines for repetitive sore throats I found that this cured my stomach problems and the doctor explained that my acidity could only be caused by my sinuses because that is all that antihistamines affect. I spent the next few years hawking my sinuses around several ENT specialists each telling me that there was nothing wrong with them. Eventually I went private and he admitted that it was difficult to be sure with sinuses so he would have me into hospital for an exploratory investigation. Upon waking he told me that I had 'everything' wrong with my sinuses and he had removed polyps and infection and he promised me no more problems. My acidity problems restarted after a year or so and a few years later I had to have another sinus op. Polyps are associated with allergies but it took me several more years before I found an allergy specialist who explained about food sensitivity. I went on a food elimination diet and discovered that I was sensitive to dairy and it was this that triggered reactions from my sinuses. So by avoiding dairy I should have no more problems.

Then about ten years ago I developed a cough noticeable when I played golf, particularly in cold weather. After a round I found that I was wheezy for a day or two. Over the next few years the cough got worse and I associated this with my sinuses. This led to another sinus op 4 years ago and again I awoke to be told that they had removed polyps and infection. Without doubt this operation got rid of my cough for 3 years until it returned last year. I tried to just get on with life (and golf) but after playing in particularly cold/dry weather a few weeks ago I contracted a nasty lung infection.

This is what I have learned over the last 50 years - antibiotics change gut flora and this can cause food sensitivity (learned allergy). Allergies can antagonise sinuses. Sinuses are the 'air conditioning' system for the lungs. Post nasal drip can lead to throat and chest infections. Sinus problems can go undetected by both the host and the ENT specialist. Do not overlook sinuses as a possible cause. If an ENT specialist says you do not have a problem he may be wrong.

Hope that this will help with your probs. If I can help further pls ask. Good Luck.

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Hi Chalky, thanks for your reply and your story has similarities to mine. I also had antibiotics as a child (a couple of times) and I think they were much harsher on the gut back then, they gave me diarrhoea which made my mum convinced I was allergic to them.

When I was in my early 20s I got stuck in a cycle of antibiotics for sinus, had investigations(nothing found) and I knew then my gut flora was gone.

I take probiotics all the time to keep my gut healthy which I started when I became totally intolerant to wheat and eliminated it. My son is also wheat intolerant so I think it is an unfortunate coincidence.

I don't have problems with my sinuses anymore but now I am wondering about the nasal drip going down my throat?

My antibiotics didn't work this week so I have been given different ones - another worry!

It's good to speak to people with similar experiences

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