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Just a very quick thanks from me for the prompt way in which my request was handled. The publications I requested were delivered a day or so ago (within about 3/4 days of my phone call to them) and they have been distributed amongst my fellow COPD'ers at our Pulmonary Rehab class today. They all agreed that the card with the Helpline number on will be very useful to them.

I hope it will lead to some more new members :)

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The BLF team are always very helpfull and understanding.Sometimes I wonder how they achieve this when listening to all us HealthUnockders!!!!!

This is very true KOTC ;)

Yes three cheers for the BLF! I am so gratefull for their help and they even phoned me to see how I got on, wonderful staff! xxx :) xxx

I second that, it's so reassuring to get good advice when you need it and without having to wait. Don''t know what I would have done without the nurses.

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