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Hi all,

I have just returned from seeing the nurse at my GP . because I haven't had a spiro test for a while.anyway,when I told her all my problems. Ie,always tired,constant cough,bloating and breathlessness.she asked if any other problems.

I tod her that always have chest pains all down left side of chest,not in arms or jaw or anything,just be honest have had the pains for 18 months now and assumed it is because of copd.just shows how long ago since last seen GP.just get all meds on repeat prescription.

Anyway,she said best not have the tests but to see GP and have ECG done first. ( booked in on Friday )

Can anyone let me have bit of advise,am on thyroxine for under active thyroid,and have always got a inhaler when required,and brown inhaler in morning and evening,which to be honest I have never got on with them and don't seem to do any good

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Nurse not gp........... see gp and get spyro...BE POLITE BUT FIRM.I get chest pain a lot,through struggling to breath.the help line can awnswer a lot of your qustions and give you sound advice

Thanks,I most certainly will take your advise on board.

BLF Helpline 03000 030 555 10am-6pm Mon -Fri. They will comfort and understand you,with plenty of good advice thrown in for good measure


Thankyou,will certainly call them

Good morning!Just to let you know that having an under active thyroid can make us more vulnerable to infections it can lower our immunity that's what a consultant told me,I also have a under active thyroid it's not certain if I had this before birth or it came about after but I've been on thyroxine for most of my life & am now 45.I don't often get colds but had problems shaking of certain other infections however I did recover thankfully & I hope you get better too.It's just that some people are more sensitive to colds/infections ect. Don't know if you like herbal tea's if you do you could try Fevergrass as it's called it claims to clear up cold & fever I've tried it my self it helped me & it's soothing & relaxing but just to make sure it's safe for you to take I'd seek advice first, it should be safe but it may cause a reaction then again it might not. I wish you well Good luck.It would be good to know if you can drink this tea & if you can you could try it & see if it helps it would be good to know,could you please let us know?I hope this information is of help,plus I'm sure there are other herbal teas that help clear colds!Get well soon!x

Dear Kaz,

Many thanks for your kind and reassuring reply.sorry to hear you not had a easy time with thyroid.ive only had the problems last few years and permanent struggle with it all,so good for you not going mad.

I will certainly look into the fever grass tea,I assume places like Barretts to get it from ? Will update you on how I get on.will talk to doc on Friday and see what he says.


John x

Hi just think yourself grateful that nowadays an under/over active thyroid can be treated more easily than in the past. My poor mother had thyroid problems back in the 60's. The only treatment then was to give strong drugs that rot the teeth! She had to have dentures for the rest of her life...she is 89 now.

Bev x

Isn't it strange how times and medicines have changed over the years,my mum also had thyroid problems and says the same,she was always sick with her meds.she has just recently left us but I remember telling her when I got this and mum then telling me about her problems,I never knew..none of us did.certainly a harder bunch than us today..

John x

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