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Normal spirometry


I have just received my latest spirometry results.

FEV1 58%

FEV1/FVC 101%

Interpretation NICE 2010:

Base: normal spirometry

Post: normal spirometry

The nurse believes I come under the umbrella of COPD.

Why would the test be a normal spirometry if my FEV1 is only 58%pr?

I have called the BLF, but forgot to ask about the normal spirometry.

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Hi, I received my spirometry results last Friday and was told that my lung age was 66yrs. But the nurse did not give me my readings, so I picked them up today. My FEV1 reading is 64%., lower than I hoped!

end quote

normal spirometry is 80% the change between 64% and 58% is not normal and puzzling were the readings taken at the same time or one post inhaler.


Sorry I din't explain very well.

I had one test in January - FEV1 64%

Then a reversibility test done last week - FEV1 58% and post was 59%

Both of the readouts said 'interpretation: normal spirometry'

I only picked the second test up a little while ago.


Hope the helpline knew that confusing if not knowing what the print out relates and when I keep a note of mine for my own record, useful if a doctor is called out I can pass on information on my progress.


I was told that I have conjestion plus bad gas exchange and many lupus and R.A patients have this disease to dam shocked to ask anymore got appoint ment in April any Ideas guys It was my first test x


Yes the helpline nurse knew all of the details. But I didn't ask why the test would say it was a normal spirometer.


I was confused by the FEV1/FVC reading of 101%

Helpline nurse suggested it might be because I was feeling unwell and had a tight chest.


Surely the 101% must mean that the total FVC readout was slightly lower than the FEV1 = breathed everything out in the first second?


Hi Lucky,

FEV1 - 58%

FVC - 60%

FEV1/FVC - 101%


FEV1 - 59%

FVC - 64%

FEV1/FVC - 98%


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