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Autumn in Brisbane

Well autumn has almost arrived with the morning temperature a chilly (for me) 18 degrees C. although it did rise to 26 during the day. I must admit I am not looking forward to winter although again the am temperatre is around 8-10 minimum rising to 17-18. It really makes me puff and pant (aren't they the same thing) when I get out the shower of a morning. I spent my first 25 years in the UK and feel for you guys. The pool won't be getting much use until November apart from feed in salt and other chemicals. Swept underneath the house today which had become full of leaves, dog hair and other stuff - again with quite a few breaks, but feel the better for it (another chore out of the way). Hope your summer is warm and clear. Stay well

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Morning Martin, its funny to read about you doing Autumnal chores over there in Oz, while over here spring is on its way. the days are lengthening, its was light at about 06.00hrs this morning. The Robin that has defended his territory around the feeding table through the winter now comes for his breakfast with his new girlfriend. (mind you I have just looked out of the boat window onto the towpath and its flippin snowing). crazy weather. My Spring chores started yesterday with trying to tidy up the FJ1200 which I bought a while ago. It has had a hugely expensive megga service and been declared sweet as a nut, now I have to work hard at cleaning up sanding down and repainting years of neglect when it was just left in the previous owners barn to rust away. At least its only sat outside the boat a few feet away so when I get out of breath I can step aboard and have a brew and rest. Soon as it gets warm enough I intend to clean up all the scrappy painted areas on the roof of the boat and give it a couple of coats each of primer and topcoat. easier said than done when you think its 60' by 7', still bit at a time eh'. take care mate. bye for now, Chris..


Wondering how you were getting on, Chris. It has been such a long winter. I hope that your home was warm and cosy. I see pigeons, blackbirds, and thrill, a couple robins and a couple of blue tits.


Summer ,summer, summer ,whoopee! It can,t come quick enough.I do hope your winter is not to harsh

Sit by the fireside and enjoy a little KOTC humour.



This winter has gone far too long Martin. Well into March and promised more snow and minus temperatures. But we will get there,hopefully.


I think we missed Spring and Summer Martin and are back in Winter.

Lib x


Guday, Martin 1945 i'm john 1947 this is the first time i have used this site i've been a member agood while. I spotted your blog right away, I came back from a holiday in oz on the 14 of march' I have had i.p.f. about two years now . I found my breathing was alot easier in Cairns and my general health much improved, at first the temperature was about 32 degrees in the day dropping a little at night also very humid .I must say what a beutiful country you have there so mutch space and lovely green fields every were we went looked so clean and fresh all the best John uk.


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