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Please Help

Was at the respiratory clinic today for the results of breathing tests, not the best news, there has been a deterioation since January after they had reduced my steroids down to 7.5mgs today they have increased them back up to 20mgs and also prescribed another drug for my immune system, please has anyone else experienced this and if so did you begin to feel well again. I felt I was doing okay before they reduced my steroids down to 7.5mgs, over the last few weeks I did feel there was something not so right and I developed a cough which I still have so up the Prednisolone again, as you can imagine I have cried since coming home and have now just composed myself to come on to BLF, I have tried so hard to be positive in all this and now I am really frightened, if anyone can help I'll listen. I'm not certain of the new meds (Anz) something........Thank you. Moyra

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So sorry to hear you are unwell and not seeming to get any better. It is difficult to make any suggestions other than ask your GP for help other than the steroids as we each react differently to the medication and as we always say, our symptoms are never the same; it is just frustrating and frightening too. Sorry I am not sounding very positive for you am I?

I would suggest you talk to the BLF helpline in the morning as they have a wealth of experience and will be able to advise you accordingly. Keep a notebook with you and take down suggestions and also write the questions you are needing a reply to so that when you are faced with you own "professional" personage, you can get some straight answers!

I started with a very dry cough in November and continued to cough through into January and managed to get away with two lots of antibiotics and steroids. The cough became more "productive" before it gave up about ten weeks from start to finish, exhausting in the extreme.

I am sure the helpline will give you some answers, but do keep in touch and let us know how you get on



Hi Astral11 take all your meds as prescribed and see if yo can get referred to a community nurse by your clinic. Make a list of questions you'd like answered and take it with you lest you forget in the heat of the moment.

Good luck,



Hi moyra

Sorry to read how difficult things are, if you can give us a call on the helpline we can arrange for someone to have a chat with you - we also have telephone counselling.

03000 030 555.




Hi Jo, thank you for your reply, I telephone BLF this morning very distressed and I have spoken to a lovely nurse called Vicky, she talked me through a few things that had me in such a state and she did mention the counselling service which I will be contacting, this is a big step back for me and I felt that everything was hopeless but I have to remain strong and positive if I want to get well, I am so grateful to BLF and keep up the excellent work, you are a Godsend to people like me. Moyra x


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