Don't be Scared

I tried earlier on to reassure some one, about their worries concerning their wives condition. I think I have now mastered pasting the link to U.Tube. It is the FreshNe campaign from last year.I am Margaret Storey. I hope this helps and you can stop worrying.

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  • I feel very fortunate not to be facing what you did when so young as I count my blessings

  • That is an amazing piece of film. All she says is so true. Those of you who still smoke, STOP NOW. You cannot say anything else really. An amazing lady.

    Lynne xx

  • Amazing how few manage so well with less lung damage a great inspiration for recently diagnosed believing no more can be done, stopping smoking and enjoying life are powerful messages.

  • Truly remarkable lady sharing experience the very essence of support.

  • Hello Marigold2 , very good video, encouraging and great advice! love your little scooter! xxx

  • Certainly encouraging that life continues with quality if the mind allows. I feel less afraid knowing there is nothing to fear but fear it's self, bless you for sharing Marigold2 I find wonder in such events.

  • A much more positive reason for stopping smoking than the usual you will die soon chained to an oxygen bottle tv adverts, if your going to die why stop smoking a life with purpose would be the reason for stopping smoking. Well done amazing video

  • Brilliant. It makes me determined to do what I can - which is quite a lot - rather than sit around feeling sorry for myself. What a wonderful example!

  • To be applauded as an honest approach to stopping smoking among life long smokers.

  • Thank you all for for the comments.

    I hope I have dispelled a few fears.You have to thank FreshNE for that brilliant piece of video.

    I only had to do what I love doing ....talking and riding my little scooter.

    I am NOT special, but I love life and people and once I had come to terms with what I can do, I now go out and do it.

    So don't sit feeling sorry for yourself (I've been there sang that song) go and do something. Your COPD will become just a part of you not all of you and dominating your life.

    Wishing everyone the best.

    Margaret .aka Marigold2

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