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Bus Pass !

I am in the severe stage of Emphysema, I ain't in receipt of DLA or have a Blue badge ect so there for i ain't entitled to a bus pass ! I called up my local council and spoke with them regarding this. I found the young man very helpful he went of spoke with his supervisor twice . He came back telling me if i can get a letter from my hospital consultant (not my GP) stating my illness and it's a progressive disease & how it effects me . They'd take that into consideration. I've called my consultants receptionist today and requested this from my doctor only for her to say she'd worked there for years and never heard of this before ! I will find out about this either today or tomorrow ! What do i do if he wont send me this letter to put in with my application. Any help greatly appreciated .

Mizzymac :)

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Start here for the bus pass: - you need to get an application form from a 'service point' - call them on 01349 886606

Usually there is part of the form you need to fill in and get your GP to sign.

I will admit is seems a bit more complicated for Scotland - here's the info:

Seems it would come under - You have a progressive degenerative condition. Conditions such as Parkinson's Disease that impede your mobility entitle you to free bus travel. Ask your hospital consultant to provide a letter confirming that your condition is considered ‘progressive degenerative.'

I've never heard of needing a consultant to sign before :O


Hi Gordon57,

I received the application form this morning for the bus pass ! I was reading through the section for official use only in that part it says .

Anyone diagnosed as been terminally ill or anyone one with a progressively degenerative disorder which severely impedes their mobility and ability to carry out day-to-day activities..

Enter evidence there e.g was DS1500 report ,Hospic admittance letter or letter from hospital consultant .

Once i spoke with consultants receptionist didn't sound very promising :( I pray to god he send me this letter as there's no were on the form for a doctor to sign . This is starting to stress me out as am feeling like a prisoner in my own home this past year or so ! I cant afford taxi's as am only on ESA .

Thanks Mizzymac :)


When I applied for mine, in Doncaster, I got a form from the council and there was a page to complete that explains my disability, which I had to get my GP to sign and stamp. That was it, I got my pass.

It seems a lot different in Scotland :) Normally I'd advise people to contact the PALS team at the hospital, but you don't have them. Instead you have PASS, via the CAB - - I suggest writing up the problem and send it to for them to look into.

Don't give up, it will get sorted out :)


Hope you get a bus pass, you do need comformation of a progressive illness to get a disability pass and generally a hospital letter speaks louder I would say. Gps used to do this maybe thats why the receptionist hadn't heard of it before. If you get this letter you may be able to apply for a blue badge, but that costs initially so bus pass is best for you just now, Good luck with that letter.


I only have very mild COPD, asthma and depression. MY doctor was brilliant and filled in the form for me to get a bus pass. She had to perservere because the first request was rejected.

I believe now that the form is longer and you have to get a consultants signature. That is pretty new so that could be why the receptionist hasn't hear of it yet. But she will. Go back and get the signature then you should be able to claim the bus pass. Good luck.

You don't have to be on any benefits and you can even qualify if you are working.

Hope this helps.

Bev x


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