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Portable Nebuliser (can use in car!)

After my husbands panic attack last week, I remembered I had bought a portable nebuliser for the car when we ventured to France three years ago. I retrieved it from under the passengers seat and realised neither of us had a clue how to use it! Armed with "in date" nebules we unpacked it. What a great little device it runs from the mains or can plug into the cigarette car lighter socket. You do need distilled water only a tiny amount as this assists with nebulising (dont ask me how - it just works). The make is POLY GREEN and it comes complete with hardwearing carrying bag less than the size of a kids lunch box. I do know how to use it now ! (nd even written notes!) and thought if any of you are travelling and want the reassurance, this nebuliser is pretty good.

Look after yourselves - Spring will arrive one day!

Lots of love to you all. TAD xx

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Glad you and your dh find it really helpful. They sell them at Maplins.



I've had one for just over a year now, same brand, and it's so convenient when I want to be out more than the four hours between nebulising. It can be a bit fiddly to put together though, especially the tiny amount of water that needs to be added (I usually end up putting waaaaaaaay too much in and having to pour some out), but this is easily outweighed by the convenience.

I spent about £45 on mine, brand new. Bought it via eBay :)


That's interesting,will have to investigate that,didint realize they had portable ones,would be very handy xx


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