Best place to buy a flutter device and does it work?

Hi again, friends,

I am having difficulty getting hold of a flutter device through the nhs. Does anyone know of a reputable place to buy a good one (not sure if there are different /better kinds..?) and do they work ? (I have bronchiectasis and lots of problems with expelling sticky sputum)

With grateful thanks, as always.


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  • Hi, I did get my husband one and he does use it and it does work. But he feels sometimes that it makes him cough too much ! I have forgotten where I bought it from - it could have been ebay! Good luck. TAD xx

  • Ok, thanks so much, will try ebay, although I would be a little reluctant to use one someone else has used - but I guess they can be sterilised?

    kind regards


  • Also

    As been used by other members.

  • Thanks very much stone.

    Best wishes


  • Hi Swimmer

    I am absolutely astounded you cannot get a flutter device if you have bronchiectasis. I can understand if you asked your GP, but if you have a resp consultant (and you defo should have) cons should have referred you to a resp physio and they are the ones who should go through all the pep devices. Do they work - well as we are all different they work well for some.

    All bronchiectatics have their favourite methods, be that the flutter, acapella. Most bronchs I know have been 'loaned' either one. I have a flutter and it's easy to use but if you do postural draining it will only work when upright. I also have an acapella which I like very much, although I do not rely on any of the gadgets alone, I also do postural draining with percussion and the acapella can be used in any position. Another member here (you know who you are sweet) has very kindly introduced and sent to me a lung flute and I am just getting used to it at the mo.

    It might be an idea to try your cons again for a referral to physio, but if you really have to purchase your own (and I don't think you should) you already have a link for evergreen and lungflute. There is also Henleys Medical. The acapella from the hospital is the Acapella Choice.

    My last one broke and I thought it only fair to buy the next one myself. You can get VAT medical exemption but even with that I thought it was cheaper on Amazon.

    Hope that helps.

    Good luck.

  • Hi cofdrop

    You are always so helpful.

    I was told by the respiratory nurse at Dorchester hospital that only a physiotherapist could provide a flutter device on the nhs and that there is no physio out-patient facility in the area!! Budget cuts; the hospital has been 'in the red' for several years, I think. The only thing they could suggest was to make an appointment with the specialist nurse at my local surgery and perhaps she could get hold of one for me. My next appointment with the cons isn't until 7th June.

    What's an acapella or a lung flute? Will look them up on internet. Do you know which is more efficient?

    Thanks again for your very helpful input.

    Best wishes


  • It's really hard to say which is more efficient for any individual swimmer as we all have different needs and preferences. If you check out the Henleys link it will explain about the Acapella Choice. Some folks swear by the flutter and it's easy to use. The acapella is very useful as you can use it in any position, although you will often find it easier if you turn the mouthpiece (so if you are lying on your left side turn the mouthpiece slightly to the left). It also has a dial at the bottom 1 to 5, 1 being the least resistance, therefore easier to use and 5 being most resistance.

    I do pd with percussion and use the acapella as an aid whilst doing it. The cupped floppy hands trap the air which vibrates the mucus free and the flutter and acapella are supposed to vibrate internally to loosen the gunk.

    I have not really used the flute long enough or with pd to comment as yet.

    Looking at Puff's post I do remember someone - probably Puff - saying quite recently that you can now get the flutter on prescription. Worth a try. June is quite a way away, but I would have thought your consultant could refer you to a physio on his/her team. Is cons a cf/bronch consultant?

    Good luck hun

    C xxx

  • I got mine on prescription.

  • Was that from your gp or cons?

    Thanks for your help.

    Best wishes


  • From my GP. I asked the pharmacy first if they could get one. They said they could. Then I told my GP they could and he made out a prescription for me.

  • I got mine for mothers day :) will last longer than flowers !! It was from I asked the resp nurse, and she asked the physio, but there was none available, and not available on least not in scotland. The price was £45 without vat, as we are exempt. I have been using it, and I really think it is helping. Yes I cough more, but it is shifting the mucus.So here's hoping.

  • Thanks ingy. Scotland sounds like Dorset in as much as they restrict this type of very useful equipment. Cheaper to write a script for some cheap med that may or may not work and that, inevitably, has side effects...

    Will probably end up buying one.

    Thanks again,


  • flutter device is free on prescription.

  • hi fishtail

    I will look into obtaining one through my gp then.

    Many thanks


  • I have used one for ages, it's a great gadget and really works well if used correctly, a physiotherapist showed me a method, start with three gentle puffs, then breath out and see if the rubbish has moved if not try three harder puffs, then three hard puffs. I was told that in Devon only a physiotherapist can give you one foc. The consultant and his team are not allowed to give one but can recommend the idea to a physiotherapist.

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