The Sky is Blue. Get out and Enjoy!!!

The Sky is Blue.  Get out and Enjoy!!!

I know the temperature is a little low for us lot but even if its a drive out in the car lets 'get out and enjoy' this bright sunny day. Well it is here in the West Midlands and I hope its the same for all of us BLF bloggers around the country. Have a great day everybody,lets turn it into a Blog worth telling eh'. Tony :)

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  • I opened the window again does that count :D

  • I guess its a step in the right direction, Be brave and try opening the door to maybe even venture outside!. Is the sun shineing in big night out country. Tony x

  • Sun is shinning in Shropshire. Quite right Jandan it's an open the windows day. We have a garden room which really warms up on sunny afternoons, I love sitting in there to read because its so light and I can feel the sun on me. I might have a peek outside Tony - we shall see.

    Lib x

  • Go on, DO IT!!! You'll be glad you did. :) xx I'm off over to my Dads now the sun has finally reached his side of the Malvern Hills. A good walk is the order of the day even though my 80 year old Dad can leave me standing, dam it!. How did that come about I sometimes ask myself, It is comical but not at the same time. Have a great day Lib xx

  • I'm just home from 2 hours at the allotment. It was lovely in the sun. I dug the runner bean trenches and dug up and replanted a raspberry bush someone offered me.

    Lynne xx

  • see below

  • Snowing here in Gateshead Tyne/Wear xx

  • see below

  • It is now beautifully sunny but cold here and I have just walked to the top of the garden and back. This may not seem much to a lot of people but I have an unjustifiable fear of leaving the house on my own due to really bad panic attacks. I did the walk on my own and I really feel I have achieved something :)

  • Well done Jan, I know only too well how much willpower that must have taken. Libby

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  • See Tony it's snowing in Gateshead, and fhe sun's disappeared here. Hope you havn't taken your vest off yet I love the Malvern Hills, have a good walk.

    Lib x

  • see beow

  • well done jan,i to cant leave the house alone& can only make garden on gd day, i did put the washing out though & isn,t it great just to feel the sun on your back just for a little while, so glad to know that its not just me who cant cope with the cold weather & no longer feel quite so alone! a double sunny day,:)

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  • No sun here in East Midlands still bl.... freezing with that wind. Count your self lucky Dall

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  • Freezing cold and snow here in Yorkshire. Brr!

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  • Hi all bloggers Im back from my dads and am pleased to say that the sun followed me over from the east side of the Malvern Hills to the west side. I timed it just right to get the morning and afternoon sun. What a great day with my Dad who I love more than he knows, of course we started with a cup of tea and loads of chat then dinner followed by the highlight a walk across the lower banks of the hills with his two border collies, Tess and Bron. The view over the village of Colwall and out to the Welsh mountains was simply stunning, you could see for miles. There was no wind, the sun was still out and even more surprising was the ground was dry under foot which made it easier for me to keep up. My dad recently celibrated his 80th birthday and yet even with my trusty oxygen pack blasting out 6 litres per minute he has to stop and wait for me. We eventually reached the edge of the wood where the primroses were breaking through all around, the two dogs were tearing through the undergrowth searching for any rabbits that had'nt gone to ground. This is the place where the going gets really tough as we head up a very steep section. Its the part where my dad see's the real me as there is no hiding place, I would love to show him that all is well and there is no need for him to worry about my condition but Im soon puffing like the old steam trains that I used to sit and watch from this very spot 47 years ago travelling along the main Hereford to Worcester line, two fields away below us. What a site that used to be, the diesel train that was there now just was,nt the same. Anyway after about six base camp stops we reached the highest point of our walk and I could relax a little knowing the pulmanary exercise was over and it was plain sailing down hill all the way back to dads cottage. We took our time as the dogs were still hunting for rabbits at every opportunity and we chatted about my lung transplant assessment (part 2) which is starting next Monday and lasts 3/4 days. I can tell he is really worried about it and I do my best to play it down. I'm alright about it because its what I really want but the cracks are beginning to show from those closest to me as the possibility of transplant is becoming very real now. I told him that I either take a chance and plod on as I am hopeing that the next infection won't be the one that finishes me or I go for transplant and have a chance at returning to a normal,ish life again. Nobody knows the outcome of either so we roll the dice and see what comes of it. We eventually get back where my step mum is waiting with another pot of tea for us, a good end to the best day of the year so far.

    Just like to say 'well done Jandon for getting out on your own and really achieving something special today, be very proud of yourself.

    Well done Lynne for getting out and working on your allotment, just think of those tasty raspberry's later in the year. yum', I just rob my dads its easier.

    Well done sillywitch for getting out and getting the sun on your back and that washing dry.

    Thanks to lib for reminding me to keep my vest on. 'Yes Mum' I did just for you xx

    And a great big Bad Luck to all of you in the East and North where the weather was not very kind to you. Dont worry I'm sure your turn will come and when it does make the most of it as those who were fortunate enough did today. :) Tony xxxx. The sun has got his hat on, hip hip hip hooray, the sun has got his hat on and hopefully he's coming your way, eh'. Good Health all !!!!!!

  • Hung the washing out then went out to a coffee morning with friends who I used to play short mat bowls with (alas no more as only a few of us oldies left so can't afford to hire the hall for four). Came home, had lunch and ordered a lovely reclining chair, two hours on bed with feet raised, reason for reclining chair so I am not out of conversation area! The trouble is I nodded off and so did husband and when we woke it had rained here in Gloucestershire so we had wet washing, so much for saving the expense of the tumble drier! Keep well and happy.

    Carole x

  • The was no rain here in Malvern Carole so the washing dried very well on the line. I guess I was just lucky. Better luck next time. :) Tony. Weather is pretty grey here today so the expensive tumble drier might have to be used, oh well I'm sure the power company will be happy.

  • hi dall05, reading about your walk was nearly as good as being there! yes our welsh hills are amazing arn,t they, :) my washing dried so that was nice, may i just say i wish you all the luck in the world for your assessment & hope you get the outcome you hope for. good luck

  • Hi SW, I'm glad you enjoyed my little Blog. I had such a great day that I thought it was worth shareing the experience with others. Thanks very much for your kind and supportive words on my upcoming assessment. Tony xx Its just a shame the rest of the country did'nt get the same good weather as we did.

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