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DWP and DLA Tribunral JUDGE statememt of reasons

Judge threw my caim out

(1) i was observed walking in and out fine

(2) said i was fine and only have mild bronchiectasis

But totly mised point on what a provisional diagnoses is

(3) said nothing about GP tampring with my medical records not disclosing vital health issues relating to my claim

So givin that should i appeal to upper house regarding the clown DWP Judge is

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judge is a ...... am waitihg to go myself


It seems as though you had better get in a wheel chair and large tank of oxygen,carry a white stick and have a drip connected to your blood stream. Also have a portable defribulator attatched and the judge may think you've got something more serious than a bleeding cold eh' . Good Luck mommalou, it sounds as though from Daz's experience your gonna need it'


Yes is ... He said he was independant but i knew when i walk in thay was watching me walk then he said we don't judge you how you are now ... But as you can see thats not the case

Hope your doctor better than mine

All the best and thanks for comment


That just stinks Daz, If somebody were to take a quick look at me in certain circumstances they would think there's nothing wrong with me but a lung transplant consultant has seen my lungs and has told me I'm ill enough for transplant. These so called clever people and experts just don't have a clue and need to live a day in our shoes then they would understand. Do they think that they will never fall ill themselves. Keep up the fight Daz and don't let the B!!!!!!!!! get you down.


Cheers but think a might strangle him see who he likes having breathing problems ... Like is that what it will take one asks

But seriosly am not going to let them get away with that

Thanks for all the great comments :)


Hi ,I lost my dla and appealed the decision,second appeal was thrown out so I appealed again,there were 3 people to judge me,when I came back for the finel decision and was so surprised to win my case,keep on trying.Good luck!Stephne


Keep on appealing, Dazisnotsogood and Mommalou. Fingers crossed for better judges next time!

Love and hugs,

Jude xx


Chreers for al positive comments


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