I Feel Good People!!

I Feel Good People!!

So far today Iv'e got the chicken in the oven and the veg prepared and on the gas. This was followed by a tough exercise session on the exercise bike 2.5 miles in 15 mins and a round of knees to hands, sit to stands etc etc all made easier by listening to various tunes by the Rolling Stones and 5litres of oxygen blasting up my nose. Theres washing done and ready to hang out next but first I thought a bit of restfull Blog time was in order. Iv'e pushed it a little this morning but the hard work is over now and Good People on this Forum I would like you all to know 'I'm Feeling Good ' it seems keeping busy and exercise is good for us 'Jumping Jack Flash is a Gas Gas Gas Yeh' :) I hope your all feeling good too and staying as healthy as possible. Tony. Oh yes this is all backed up from watching Hereford utd beat Barrow 2-1 yesterday. Come on the Bulls!!!!.

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  • Well you certainly sound like you're full of beans - what have you been taking ;) Please send me some


  • Iv'e seen a little Blue Sky today and that normally does the trick. Look out of your window there may be a little left if your quick. Tony xx

  • Well you are a treat - enough to make up for Wales and England yesterday - oh all right not really ! Seriously it does me everyone I'm sure good to hear someone cheery and up. Thank you for thinking of us.keep on keeping on,


  • Hi Chris. You ok?

    Lynne xx

  • Hi Lynne, I did notice you support Wales so couldn't resist the gibe.

    I just wanted a good game. Wales did deserve the win, ( lord I need to wash my mouth out ) LOL.

    On the health front I refuse to grumble.

    My grand-daughter reminded me of an old MySpace address where I have bits n pieces of stuff - songs, some of other folks some paintings that were in progress that sort of stuff.

    It's right what my wife says, if I had the breath sometimes I'd never stop talking. Take care hope you're well.


  • I'm well. Stay in touch

    Lynne xx

  • Don't worry too much about the Rugby, We'll see who's laughing at the end of the World Cup, lets look forward and not back eh' because make no mistake our boys learned a lot from the Cardiff experience. Keeping upbeat is something I specialise in, even when things are looking pretty gloomy so if I can help anybody along the way, then I'm happy. :) Tony.xx

  • Hi dall.You seem to be full of Bulls.....Well done,never leave a Stone unturned!

  • Stone me King , You no what, 'Wild Horses Would'nt Drag Me Away' from this forum where 'I can get lots of Satisfaction'. We are all Rolling the 'Tumbling Dice' of life and praying for sixes to come up or in my case a pair of lungs. 'Dont Stop' doing what you do King because you put a smile on my face. :) I have no 'Sympathy for the Devil' as he is after my soul and I would be a 'Fool To Cry' just because everything sometimes seems to be 'Painted Black'. Rock on King! Tony. ps do you have 'Brown Sugar' in your coffee. Ha Ha.

  • I love the Stones! Today has been lovely here too and between us both, we dug a 20 foot trench for potatoes. Only another 4 trenches to go!

    I also sowed carrot seeds and sowed a lad more at home yesterday to start them off.

    You can't always get what you want, but sometimes you get what you need.

    Lynne xx

  • hey can you sow a lad for me please :D

  • We'll done Lynne, I'm sure you'll get what you need when those spuds come up. I like your last line, 'Sounds Like Jagger' to me. :) Tony xx.

  • Good positivity, Lynne - it should be catching for those that need it. Love Annie80

  • Hi Tony

    You have really made my day! Your enthusiasm is better than any medication :)

  • I'm glad to hear that martin1945. Today has been a good one for me and hopefully you too. Lets hope tomorrow carries on the same way. I'm off to visit my 80 year old Dad tomorrow who is a lot fitter than me these days, I love going back to the home that I spent my childhood in. Its a black and white cottage with a wood burner and central heating so I'll be warm enough, they generally feed me well too as my step mum make's pretty good cake's. Keep Healthy Martin. Tony.

  • Wow you are making me feel tired :)

    Bev x

  • Looking out of the front window it seems as though there is plenty of blue sky medicine on tap today. This could mean another Hyperdall day, Yahoo! The Malvern Hills are looking at there very best backed by a deep Blue Sky with the ground covered in a crisp white frost. I'll let it warm up a little before going to visit my Dad who live's on the Dark side of the Hills, untill around midday when the sun should brighten his day also. Still tired Bev? Stay Healthy: Tony: :)

  • Would have been worried if chicken had been on bicycle.

  • Hey hamletvv thats an Idea, maybe I could start delivering cooked chickens on an ELECTRIC BIKE!! . Don't worry yourself my friend my lungs are knackered and it seems my mind is on its way out too. Ha Ha Tony.

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