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Trying to manage COPD

I have been coughing up mucous since Christmas and have had been picking up different virus's from my grandaughter since then. I no sooner get over one spate of coughing then another one starts. With the last lot which started about six weeks ago I have had a course of Amoxycillin and something stronger (which the doctor said probably would not make any difference because it was viral). I did not have a chest infection but was coughing day and night and very breathless. I went back to the doctor two weeks ago and was put onto 40 mg of predisolne for five days. This helped a bit but when the course was over I continued to cough. I have been taking my ventolin from anything from 2 - 6 hours for a while. I am still wheezing quite a bit (not as bad as I was and just wondering when this is all going to stop. I cannot go out and do exercise because of the weather because I always feel worse afterwards. Feeling really low at the moment and would really like to be able to manage this properly so I do not get these flareups

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hello earbud,i had a really silly dry cough that lasted for weeks,all day all night sent me nearly loopy,doctor gave me some cough mixture that seemed to work. i also bought myself a nebuliser which i find clears chest nicely.


My family and I have all had this cough bug (or virus) on and off since Christmas too. At first the cough was very phlegmy, but now mine has dried up to a very dry, tickly cough from the back of my throat.

My partner's cough has cleared completely, so I suppose that having COPD means mine will take a little longer (as usual).

Maybe you've got/had the same bug earbud ? I hope you'll be feeling better soon xx

Keep on keeping on though .........


I could have written the same thing almost word for word, it must be the time of year that contributes to our problems, and the lack of fresh air and exercise. I am on my fifth type of antibiotic since Christmas. My wife childminds and the little darlings are always willing to share their bugs with me. If you need ventolin that often it might be worth a call to your GP and ask for some help

Spring is on it's way.



Thank you all for your answers - nice to know I am not the only one. Made appointment to see the doctor today so fingers crossed



Hi, ask your GP to please test for ashma.

Luckily for me, at my first visit a few years ago with coughs & wheezing she said the easist thing was to treat for ashma and if the preventive inhaler (Becotide at the time) worked then that was it. They did work and wonder of wonders, with one puff of the Ventolin before exercise I was suddenly able to do way more without my chest seizing up as it had all my life.Life changing to get the right medication.P :)


Thanks peeg. Am back on steroids now because I had withdrawals so have to be weaned off. Only trouble is my legs are very wobbly and muscles weak. Would love to see the end of all of this. Went to asthma nurse and she did spirometry tests again and has discovered that I do have asthma with the copd so she has put me on 125 micrograms seretide which I take 2 puffs twice a day and use my blue puffer when necessary. Certainly has helped the wheezing but trying to deal with the steroid withdrawals now


Gawd,I cant help with that but I guess drink massesto flush them out of your system.I wonder how long it takes, anyway, all the best and I hope you're sorted very soon. P


I had been like you since new year, had 4 lots of amox with steriods which didn't work, was given doxy and feel much better but still have a little annoying cough so it is beginning to go,like others say it takes longer for us to get over things plus we don't know half the time if its viral or infection do we. Hope you feel better soon,soon be spring hopefully xx



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