Mucous in my throat

I suffer alomst permanently with a glob of mucous in the back of my throat which I attribute to some form of sinusitis as one or other of my nasal passages is blocked most of the time - I use a saline solution to try and clear my nose. Some days are worse than others, but there seems to be no solution/treatment that works - antibiotics are a failure. Worse in the morning when I wake up, but also present during the day. I don't really suffer from bronchitis - so I really don't know what it is (frown!)

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  • I have tryed everything too ... Is a pain my gp responece was breath threw my mouth .. Guy was a clown ... Like a want to breath load of """""" into my lungs thats prob why my lungs have been trashed ... Allways had trouble with blocked nose also don't think much of them over the counter meds

    Defo is a pain was reading hospitals can do bit of work but means going into one .. Am trying to stay out myself .... But if it helps why not

    All the best :)

  • Hi Martin,

    Years ago I had problems with mucus and my mother suggested that I try an over-the-counter medicine - 'Mucron'.

    It was absolutely wonderful, in that it got rid of the mucus and also the headaches which I suffered from because of blocked sinuses.

    As with every remedy you should read the leaflet in the box before taking it.

    I hope that you manage to get rid of your problem.

    Kind regards


  • Hi,just noticed your post...I too used to suffer with excess mucus and post nasal drip,the headaches were horrific.was px'd all kinds to combat it,but I found cutting out dairy and wheat products helped massively with this..melon and cucumber seem to help it too as does hot water with lemon juice and fresh ginger,lemon cleanses and ginger is an anti inflammatory...

  • Hi Wheezy, do you think it's the lactose in the dairy that affects the mucus? Bananas are said to be phlegmy too.

    Thank you for the tip on ginger and lemon. Penelope

  • Hi peeg. Couldn't agree more. Came off that stuff years ago. Try adding to your list, peanut butter, and cheese.... in fact anything that has a tendancy to be slimey [like mucus].

  • Hi, I don't buy cheese (full of fat and I'm vain) or peanut butter. I avoid any processed food and sugar, including fruit. It's just the milk, l love my skinny decaff latte and my decaff tea.

    Perhaps I'll give the lactose free milk, see if it helps. :-)

  • Hi peeg,

    Have heard that goats milk produces less phlegm and the semi-skimmed,apparently, doesn't have the 'goaty' taste. All the best,


  • Hi Martin, it might be an idea to get yourself checked out for 'MRSA of the Sputum', I picked it up whilst being treated in hospital.

    They chose not to want to discuss it or treat it but it on top of COPD it leaves me with the same symptoms, which tend to fluctuate in their severity.

  • I suffer with Copd, enphazima of lungs I have had this cough for near 7-x month now with mucus. I to tend to feel I have mucus at back of throat and no matter how much I cough and bring mucus up and even unblock my nose it always there

  • hi a 4an a alf newbie to yhis site.glad i found it.have ppl to talk with.what understands im 63 and a mum an a gran an great gran of 1.i was late diagonised at xmas with copd moderate .no thanks to my old gp ignoring my xrays in june last no action needed.well im takin action against him.i have a new gp now he is ok.dosnt look down his nose at fact hes very up with copd and as helped me a lot just in 3 week ive been his patient.giv me meds for my hitus hernia.ave ad bad trouble since last year with it .old gp was ive appointment 9 april thameside for hitus hernia.i stopped smoking wen i was told after test i had copd moderate.and never looked bak.wont touch a cig chronic bronchitus 2 wk be 4 xmas thats wen i found out i had copd .a locum sent me for a ct scan.thats wat the lazy old gp shud have done in june.but june xray confirmed wat i had.if hed told me i would not have got ill atxmas i would ave ceased smoking in june .u dont say if u still smoke or not.i go to holland an barrets in oldham.they help me wen i say wats rong and id like something 4 watever.try there they help u.all the best

  • Hi Caroll

    just read your blog comment on mucas on throat I to had problems with not gp but with hospital dr said I didn't have copd as my spritomerty was okay yet I have emphasema of right lung and left lung is only partial working due to lung collapse in 86. now I have moved from that area my GP sent me to hospital to see specialist and they say I have copd and they are now doing a test to see if this problem with lungs is genetic as all the male side of my family have had problems with lungs although mine is worse having emphasema I also have to have another ct scan and they are saying there is a chance they can do an operation to prolong my lung life so it just a matter of wait and see what they want to do

  • hi i had scan in end dec showed locum sent me not lazy old gp.i had spimetry test jan said 67.didnt understand that as that nurse was from old she to me just cudnt be bothered.giv me seritede blue inhaler.said see u nxt year or be 4 if your watever not well.i thought then god almighty wat am i up against with atitudes hear.but ive sinc found out my mum had auntie .had im not sure if thats how ive got it.mind u i have bin a long term smoker.ceased 4alf month now and never looked bak.wen hoz told me it wer results was emphasema.she just said yes theres ur scan picture u have got emphsma.giv me the paper with results on .an said go see ur gp,good bye.that day wasnt nice 1 bit.walked to the bus stop in a daze.but got the bus home .every hurdle as been hard but im geting over them 1 by 1.and hpzs or gps or whoever wont blok me.the nice guidlines state dignity respect and treatment.and ill quote them on it.each time im met with .er yes wat is it .

  • as I mentioned in my reply earlier there is a test what can be done thus to find any genetic relation to the problem I carnt remember all the name but first part is alpha1there is a blog on this somewhere on site which may help I myself am a smoker just in process of stopping I am under the nhs stop team at present

  • have seen this alpha 1. but dont understand if its in the family .does it mesn its a bit better 4 us to have treatment.well all take it up with new gp ye.and u havnt said ur age but doesnt matter.please throw the cigs away i did after 30 yr .wen i got diagonised.i didnt ask nhs d

    c or any1 .just do it.i buy a bag of hard mints every 4 days . but now its 1 bag a week .all be of them soon.take it easy kill the cigarettes

  • I have thrown away still get that urge first in morn so i got one of those e cigs see if that help I am 56 sorry didn't mention earlier also a grandfather to 1 child

  • hi kenrob.e cigs be ok 4 you.but just 2 get you of the nicotine in e cigs all tokins.tobacco cigs full on with tokins.we never was told wat were in them.years ago.other wise wouldnt have smoked.but once started not that easy.e cigs got use them to get u of al2gether.but better then cigs anyroad

  • me too had emphasema for 3 yrs now also got grade 1 respirotory faliure am choughing mucus up all the ttimf

  • try asking for allergy tests, that's my next step after being told its not asthma and not copd, but I too have constant feeling of phlegm and the need to cough ... good luck :D

  • Oh I feel your pain! It got to the stage I'd wake up and it would have dried and sort of fallen towards my windpipe and I'd then feel like I was choking. Was really frightening. My doc prescribed a steroid nasal spray which seemed to do the job as it reduced inflammation causing the drip. Might try asking for some? It's fluctonase or something. Haven't needed it for a couple if years now. Good luck - it's an awful thing to have.

    Marie x

  • hi martin id just like to point out that we only breathe through one nostril at any one time. the nostrils alteranate. im not telling you to suck eggs

  • I thought I was the only one feeling this, its horried find yourself choking. It used to happen to me 3 or 4 times a night. I have now got 2 sorts of nasal sprays from my doc that I use befor I go to sleep Otrivine and the other is Nasonex which you can only get on persciption. I still get the choking feeling but not as often. I have had allergy tests nothing was found but I am a smoker at the moment but not after next week. Pat x

  • I get the constant post nasal drip too and it drives you bonkers, doesn't it? If only the huge amounts of phlegm we produce could be put to some good use! Most annoying at the moment is the minute I start eating my mouth fills with phlegm. I've been told that goat's milk produces less phlegm but haven't tried so far. If only there was a mini-vac we could use to clear it out.

  • I sleep with a vaporizer every night and it keeps my sinuses moist. maureen usa

  • Hi Martin, Had same problem. I now use a Neti pot and douche my nose with gentle home made saline solution. Seems to keep nose clear. Always check out with your COPD nurse.

    Good luck!

  • Hi Martin

    I have chronic mucus problems and very stuffy nose. One of the BLF nurses suggested Mucodyne which I have just started, early days but I think there's an improvement. One of the side effects of seretide, which I take, is sinusitis which gives me an almost permanent headache, particularly left nostril congested. Steroid nasal drops help a little for me.


  • Hi Guys

    Thanks for all your most welcome comments, it is really appreciated. Stayt weel. Martin

  • have a go at a salt therapy salt pipe [salitair] ive have the same problem this is my 3rd week and its started to kick in have tried carbocisteine capsules by my copd nurse this is working ten times better/ go to will be sending a full up date report 1st week in april to allow the product to work all the best [oldgramps]

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