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Newly diagnosed

Hi, I am really pleased to have found this site x

Yesterday I got my spirometry results and was told I have COPD. I was not given the readings, so I am going to ask for them on Monday. But I was informed that my lung age is 66. I am 37. Does anyone know how this might relate to my FEV1 and stage of disease?

I have been refered for an x-ray, which I am dreading. I have had a pain in my right shoulder and side of my neck for months now and I am worried this mght be a sign of lung cancer. I am trying not to worry and just wait for the x-ray, buy hey I am sure you all understand how scary it is.

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Hi Smoby - Whilst it may be of limited consolation - worrying or being anxious will just not help. Try to calm down and await your x-ray results and then you can take the necessary remedial treatment. COPD, whilst a serious disease has many facets not least of which is where you are on the Stage 1-4 scale. I would expect you to be at Stage 1 which gives you many years ahead of you. Keep well Martin


Agreed :)

Could not of said that better myself

All the best :)


Thank you x


The pain you have got is possibly from the stress and tension that you are likely feeling right now...tithe neck and shoulder muscles hold a lot of our burdens. Please don't worry too much about your X-Ray. I too have COPD but had a perfectly normal X-Ray result - it doesn't always show anything.

If you want to know the stage that you're at go back to the person who diagnosed you and ask them to explain the results now that you have got over the initial shock and don't let them fob you off with medical jargon.

Good luck,



My sympathies to you smobyday, it must be a very tough week and weekend for you, very frightening. Do you have family and friends close by? I do hope so.

In the meantime there will be many people here wishing you well and thinking of you.

Good luck with the GP tomorrow and with the xray. please let us know how you get on. Penelope


i had pneumonia in January and as a result went for an xray ,my lungs were so bunged up they couldn't see them properly ,doctor put me on antibiotics and when i,d completed those he sent me for another xray ,still not much improvement so they decided to send me for a ct scan this showed a shadow on my right lung which sent my head spinning ,so then i had to go for a pet scan in the tube ,i wasn,t scared of going it as i am an x coal miner used to working confined places ,half way through it i got cramp in my left foot and if i moved my body they would make me do it again ,it takes about thirty minutes ,after that they then decided to do a biopsy ,i seriously thought i had got lung cancer ,at the biopsy they got half way thought it and suddenly stopped it ,the radiologist went to get the main consultant and i did really think i was a goner ,when he came back they they pulled me out and said the shadow had shrunk so small that they couldn,t take a sample and it wasn't a tumor ,i have got another scan in a month so i,m so relieved ,to any one who smokes pack them in i stopped eight years ago and i,m so glad i did


FEV 1 means forced evaculation in one minute.The amount of air you can get out of your lungs in one minute.


Sorry I did not say V stands for volume.


Have a look at my blogs for some humour to help cheer you up.Laughter is a good tonic


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