Clothes smelling of smoke

I have just come back from visiting my brother for a few days, he has severe copd and heart problems but continues to smoke, his breathing is very bad and has an awful cough but he doesn't want to give up smoking,he smokes in his flat as well which I could taste and feel at the back of my throat,I now know how nonsmokers used to feel before they stopped people smoking in public places, my clothes and coat stunk of fags so anyone trying to give up ciggys at the moment think of the benefits!! Keep trying.

I hope everyone is as well as you can be, best wishes


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  • As a ex-smoker (1998) I avoid smokers and the area around them like the plague, not because I disapprove but the smell. The benefits of giving up smoking are immense.

  • I'm the same Annie. I hate walking behind them in the street.

    Lynne xx

  • They don't bother me but I feel sorry for the people as they don't realise what could happen to them.

  • Some people are so blind to what damage smoking can do.My father had his lungs scraped clean at the age of 70.He said I have just had a 70 year service and carried on with his cigs pipe and nothing had happened.God bless him he was a great character

  • hi copd like my lungs scrapped.any ideas were to go .do i start with my gp.ask him about it .take care

  • p.s. i ceased smoking 4 an alf month now and nevef will again.just so sorry i ever did.but years gone by.we was never told as teenagers wat was in the time we did we was hooked on computers in my days and the government still are not getting it rite with the adverts.never a mention of never heard of it .im 63 a mum.gran.great gran.

  • Hi there,I haven't heard of this before,can you give me more info please?Regards Stephne.

  • if i see someone smoking when im out, i avoid it like the plaque, my lung doctor has to try not to inhale smoke because of my lung condition, two of my sons have given up smoking, but they were not allowed to smoke in the house.

    good luck for tomorrow and let us know how you get on.


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