Slight Panic

Had a bit of a panic yesterday evening. I'm home alone at the moment, having persuaded madam, my wife, to visit our youngest son and his family in Germany. I've been copping okay with some help from some very good friends. Until last night. I was just sitting watching the box and enjoying a glass of wine when I started to feel very breathless. I turned the telly down and realized I couldn't hear the concentrate, I think my nose has got so used to 4Lpm of oxygen blasting up it 24 hours a day I can no longer feel it.

Now the fun started I cant move around much without gas luckily my liquid O2 flask wasn't to far away so after 15 mins or so I was able to investigate. The concentrator is in the hall so off I went and sure enough it had stopped, the strange thing is there was no alarm going off. Tried to turn it back on, no chance. I called the supplier, Dolby Vivisol

Now, I can't praise Dolby enough the operator told me how to test the machine and agreed it was kaput. She told me to connect my self to the emergency cylinder, I hadn't even given it a thought as we keep it under the stairs she then said that either she or an engineer would call back shortly to let me know what was going on. Within ten mins. the engineer rang to say he was on his way and would be with me in 40 mins.

30 mins later there he was with a new machine which set up without any fuss and off he went with my heart felt thanks.

The moral of this tale is. Don't hide your emergency cylinder it may be ugly but when these things happen you just don't function normally.

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  • I used to have my emergency cylinder in the little room under the stairs, the power went off husband was at work. Of course I panicked which made things worse, struggled to get the heavy cylinder from the back of the store room, sat on the stairs gasping and panicking to attached myself to it,

    now the cylinder is behind the settee.

    Lib x

  • Makes sense. I don't think we realize how important it is to keep the cylinder accessible X.

  • I'm glad you are alright Baldie, sounds like a frightening experience but you kept your cool! my I wonder what your wife will say when she gets home!! :) x

  • I'm sure I should tell her. It took a lot of convincing that I'd be alright if she went and it was only a blip. But like all partners in our situation they do need a break.

  • Congratulations and well done. I have 2 emergency cylinders and where are they at present? In my car! Where is my husband 100 miles away setting up our caravan. Think I might just fill my LOX portable just in case.

  • Hi Alwayssmiling,

    I'm curious to know how you manage your oxygen in the caravan. I'm on oxygen 24/7 and am frustrated because of the restrictions of the canisters, 3.5 hours is the longest I can be out of the house. Do you have something which lasts longer?

    Thanks in anticipation Liz

  • Hi Liz, this will be the first time I have used oxygen in the 'van. For a start ours is put on site for the season and the oxygen suppliers are in contact with the ones in Dorset, who are going to supply me when I am there. They will be giving me the static concentrators, back up cylinders and liquid oxygen. It will all remain on site until the season ends when they collect it again. All I will have to do is order liquid oxygen to be delivered as and when I need it. The same can be done for holidays and I imagine week ends away. Apparently carvan sites are quite used to this. In addition I am lucky enough to have a portable concentrator for long car journeys. Hope this helps, Tina

  • Thanks Tina


  • My one suggestion would be phone your oxygen supplier to see what they can offer re your 'van and travel. If your ambulatory is not enough see whoever wrote your prescription and get it changed to give you more time. I'm on 15l/m and have just got mine changed to give me 3 hours and I have my portable concentrator to use when I am just sitting as does not give the flow for walking. Take care and happy caravanning Tina

  • Very wise. I hadn't given the back up cylinders a second thought until last night. Ah well we live and learn. I hope.

  • Our electricity supply can be erratic and so I keep my emergency cylinder next to my bed - have had to use it four times during the night so far! I am glad you got through it okay. x

  • Nice to hear of quick and efficient service.Well done to Dolby Vivisol

  • Phew Baldie! Glad all turned out well for you in the end and what wonderful service you received. A scary story with a very happy ending thank goodness! Take care. xx

  • Well done, you coped brilliantly TAD xx

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