i went in hospital through 999 on the way out phnemonia and c o p d really out of it for two days talking load of rubbish but i would nopt be told ,we always think it wont getr me but thats what i said and every day i wish i had the streth and the get up and go to give up but in hosp they ask if i needed patches and thast someone would be telling me what i could do to help my self never thougfht in a million years i would do it but hey been year now not to fuissed about it and i wish i could take my self to people all breathing good now and listnen to me just to talk takes it out of me but the smell now really repuses me thinkl oh god did i stink like thast i guess so its horrid even as i type i am cluching to pretend ciiggie use it bout three times a day

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  • Congratulations, becraftygirl. Keep going!!

  • Keep at it ! :)

  • Well done.

    Lynne xx

  • Fantastic.Keep in touch with my friend WILL POWER

  • After seeing me struggle to breathe my much loved daughter-in-law has given up smoking it has been 2 months now and she is doing really well no patches or anything we are proud of her. She was the only one in the familly who smoked so she has lots of support.

  • A whole year! Have you worked out how much money you have saved? But best of all, you know how much better you feel and that is worth everything. Well done.

  • well done


  • Very well done :)

  • Good for you!! keep those hands busy craftygirl!!!! :D XXX

  • Well done, its the hardest thing I ever did but its great to be able to breathe better :) x


  • Sorry went to hufferpuffer instead of craftygirl.

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