Atos - so very helpful not!

This is our first experience of Atos and we have been 'invited' to attend a medical to ensure that hubby is still entitled to his industrial injuries benefit. The first appointment we had to cancel as he has a hospital appointment the same day, the second arrived this morning on a day when we has an appointment with the doctor. I called and was told that if I cancel this second appointment they are unable to arrange another one and he will lose his benefit. Do they not realise that managing to get an appointment with your doctor these days is like finding gold. Looks like we have no other option than to cancel the doctor and attend this medical. Sorry just needed to rant over their helpfulness.

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  • ATOS do not accept that the people they are dealing with are ill, that's what it boils down to. You have to jump when they say so.

    Please, write a letter of complaint to the DWP department that deal with the specific benefit, and send a copy to your MP. :)

  • Thank you for this, calmed down a bit now but will continue to do battle with them

  • Very true gordon ... Bunch of fakes who have had there NHS privlages revoked .. But yes when i have been threw the wringer i will be asking DWP and Atos for number as carrying out medical assements on joe / jane public when thay have had them revoked is issues of trust and compatace

    But hay thats one for after finished with my GP and Judge at tribural

    All the best :)

  • There just Bullies, making use of that big stick, Its just not on is it because were not in a position to fight back and they know it. Tony.

  • You're right it is bullying tactics, good job one of us is fit enough to fight our corner


  • would love to have this conversation with someone whose first language is not English and can only respond "I must follow protocol", if he is not well enough by the middle of the week then I will do this, thank you

  • I have got to go for my assessment on Monday, I am dreading it. How these people can call themselves doctors and nurses is beyond me. Compassion and empathy hah

  • let me know how you get on - good luck

  • You call Atos on the number on your letter. You tell them your partner is unfit to travel they will then give you another appointment, which is a holding appointment because they have to...But they will tell you following...Go to your GP, and gp will fax his view that your partner is unfit to travel and requires a home appointment. Some Gp's charge for this most do not, they are generally more than willing to help in this situation. Atos will provide you with their local fax number when you tell them your partner is unfit to travel. Your GP will then just fax thru saying unfit to travel and needs home appointment.

    You must take control of Atos not let them control the situation. Dont just think of doing it. Please do it. Every little helps as they say....

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