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Smoking - Giving up

I have tried a few time over the years to give up but unfortunately the problem with my wife smoking allay made me go back to it, even after months without a cigarette I would start again (only maybe 10 to 15 a day) then on day my wife announced she was giving up.

after a couple of weeks I felt she meant it and so I also stopped and it is now over two years and I cant see me going back now so I do feel I have quit.

You have to be ready and to have the support of your partner in the giving up otherwise you need an awful lot of willpower as well as being ready to kick the habit.

Whatever way you do it matters no as my wife has these electronic cigarettes and they have helped her.

Me, I think I must have been ready as I have had no false cigarettes or the incentives from the no smoking pack you get from the government or where ever they come from.

If you are trying to give up be aware it is always with you, even now there are times when I have wanted one but it goes quicker each time over the years (as I have been told)

If you are thinking about giving up then try your hardest to keep thinking of the down sides of smoking, the smell on you your clothes and your house. and the biggest one the COST.

if you give up put away the money you spent on tobacco products and have a nice holiday every year. (do not be tempted to smoke when on holiday as that will kick it off again)

I hope you can get something from this ex smoker who is still suffering with the effects of smoking as you most likely will unless you are very lucky.

We always joked that if my wife won the lottery it would be ideal as she could buy herself an iron lung.

Take great care and kindest regards


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Well done Terry (and wife)I admire people who manage to give up despite the fact I've never smoked I do understand how difficult it must be.

You mention the smell on your clothes, well I went to the local shop to buy bread yesterday and the customer in front of me absolutely reeked of smoke, really awful, I had to move back, must be a sort of halo round their whole being. I think maybe some smokers do not wash their outer clothing enough as the stale smoke is disgusting on some people.

If you still smoke and are reading this, would it help to know that people around you, when you are out and about, move away from you, and wrinkle their noses in disgust? Keep it up.


i give up smoking seven years ago i just said to myself one new years eve that was it because of my health i started with c.o.p.d after two years. i did not have any help in any way off anybody i just packed in. my wife his a heavy smoker i have tried everything to try and help her to stop,but i think, i am flogging a dead horse .so i know how you must feel


I gave up 15 months ago, and my husband 13 months ago. From day 1 we set up a direct debit and put our cigarette money into a savings account. I am almost ashamed to say that it is for £400 per month as we each smoked about 20 per day. It is paying for a posh river cruise in Germany this August.

I too hate the smell of smoke on people now and although we never smoked indoors, I know the smell still clung to me. I have also noticed that my skin is a lot better than it used to be.

It's rarely I feel thea desire for a cigarette now, and when it happens it really is fleeting, just a second or two. I think it took about 4 months before I went for days without even thinking of them.

We both gave up with Champix which really made it much easier than any other time I have tried. I like the way that it gets rid of the nicotine from your system as well, as patches, gum and ecigs still keep the underlying addiction going.

Good luck everyone who is trying to stop. I never thought I could after over 30 years, but I did.

Lynne xx


I do hope you enjoy your cruise, is it on the Rhine, we used to go and stay at a place called Asmanhassan and it was really lovely. All the castles and vinyards along the Rhine are beautiful.

Carole x


Yes it is Carole. We have never done one before, but are looking forward to it very much.

Lynne xx


Been clean for17years now after 60a day


I haven't touched a fag for 14 years. Just getting over another chest infection, and reading these letters, I wonder what I would do if I saw a packet of fags sitting on the table. Well, they aren't recyclable, would pollute the wheelie bin, they wouldn't flush, not the charity bag, not for the bird table so what. Wondering if they would make good fertiliser for the roses??


Well, they used to soak the tobacco in water to make a nicotine solution for killing aphids (or something like that) in gardening circles! xx


Well done x I tried so hard and then got the letter from ATOS .. been smoking like a chimney since :(


So they got the better of you, anglea12345. First round lost!! Sad but have another go!


Thanks Annie x


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