Should i complain about my GP's various inaction's to my L.P.C.T and the GMC

1st of april 2013 torys are geting rid of the local rimary care trust ... What for i don't know

Its proberly as sumthing to do with vast complants ... Or privatisation :O

But anyway a was debating if to make a complaint about my gp's lack of action as regard my condition ... Since jan 2012 my doctor would not refer me to a lung specialist he said i was suffering from stress ... If only that was the case but in june i was taken into hospital in a ambulance suffer all sorts of nasty stuff .. And still my doctor dispite hospital doctor confirming a had chronic lung diease still would not refer me .. But he still treated me for stress and referd me to a neurologist who referd me to a lung specialist who am very greatfull to :)

What do you think i should do?

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  • Change your GP. I did and got looked after properly by the new one.

  • richard was given a course of anti biotics for a chest infection every month for over a year without being referred anywhere, only when I had to call an ambulance out was he diagnosed with ipf, we never went back to that dr, changed straight away and the new dr has been abs brilliant. Not much good complaining though, the stress of being ill is enough and its hard to get the medical proffession to ever admit being wrong. We were happy just to get a caring dr who told richard not to come to the surgery because of germs and would come out or talk to us on the phone every time.

  • Injustis a cant stand of any sort ... A don't think i can let it go

    Yes is bad for our health disputes but so is in action

    All the best and thanks for feed back :)

  • Dazisnotsogood. You need to feel comfortable with your Doctor - do what everyone says, get a new one that is friendly as well as everything else. Google PALS (patients advisory liasion service) who are so helpful.

    As for cuts and changes, ok if it is for the better but often it is not. And it costs money. Bored with it. Good to come on here and talk about things

  • Hi annie80 yes tryed phoning them and numbers dead ... Must be fate as thay must want me to proced ... Am going to drag judge from tribunrial into this party as he should not of proceded with my case if a could prove tampering with my medical records had been commited

    Am a great beliver if you going to have party drag the hole lot down into it :O

  • Go for everything, Dazis, see you are too young to be messed around. You need to sort things out with them. PALS is all over the place. Could your surgery give you their number, or the nearest hosp. No idea where you live, could be just around the corner to me. You'd be the unlucky in that case because I'm ancient.

    Need to go firmly but gently with these bods. Get more help that way. You could see your CAB for any necessary action. Need to keep a diary of what has been going on in your life. Lets know how you get on --

  • I would agree annie80 .. Yes you sre right about diary like whan you ill you keep a diary tho when your ill

    Ave tryed pals numbers one my doctor hive me and other from internet is frustrating .. Would have lot better if he had done is job propper

    All the best cheers :)

  • hi .ur gp sounds just like my old 1.a no it all.messed me rite up last copd didnt no i ad it.but gp ignored really ill at xmas thats wen i found ot of a locum.sinc ive changed gp.ive bin better.but old gp not getin away with daughters are dealing with it.practise manager who i 1st complained 2.said oh my missus got abit of copd ha ha..i said u think its funny.ive been walkin round nearly 10month town on buses near ppl with bugs virues colds etc.i avnt got a car i dont drive.if gp adnt ignored my xrays i wudnt ave got ill at ave protected the prac manager is the same as old gp a no it all.not fit 4 moderate if its rite wen u find ot u ave cease smoking i wud ave done 14 month ago.but i didnt no thanks to old gp ignoring xrays in june.i ceased wen i found ot though over 4 month now .and wont touch em again.prac manager said oh u be fine u stoped cigs wont get worse all speak to the gp in question an ask him 2 ring go on then .gp rung i went c him.told him wat i thought of him.he must think thats it.well its prac manager must as bout all clubbin 2 gether god.well iv got a mouth and ill tell any 1 every time i go ther wat he like .as my new gp is in same building just different practise.some of thez gps think ther nursurgeons.brainsurgeons.cancer specialist. etc etc.but in reality alf are not fit for purpose.alf trys to say consultants etc are rong.well its just jealousy with thez ignorant no it all gps that think they no it all wen they cant even read xray report .

  • Hi thannks for reply .. Sounds like mine been seen practise ... And is responce must be industry standerd ... A think a do need new doctor so will sort that when i sort other

    Thanks for all your of your valued comments ... All the best

  • hi dazis.ive been using this sight a few week now.found it useful.i no thers others like me out there.can i ask have u got moderate .thamks to my arrogant previous gp ignoring my xrays2012.ive been looking on the internet ive seen a prof peter barnes head of resp med and expert at dealing with copd.there is a conference april 6th in london and it says theres 40 ppl doing trials for a med development for copd .you might have seen it to.he is head imperial college harrowgate london.well im keeping fingers crossed for all of us.something comes of this.hope is the 1 thing they cant take from us.i have a friend shes 57 oxygen now 15hours daily and night breaks me up when i go see her.she will not stop smoking.ive cryed to hwe to stop to no i dont sat out now.i stoped day i found out over 4 month now and wont touch 1 again.i would have stopped june 2012 but arogant gp ignored my xrays

  • Hi Daz, It sounds as if your GP was about as good as a chocolate fire guard and he needs to be shown up for his poor diagnosis skills or just darn right inability to do his job. It sounds as though he had blinkered vision and once he had set out on treating his origional diagnosis was unwilling to addmit his mistake and change course while all the time your health was deteriorating. The evidence speaks for itself so complain to the powers to be whoever they are as you have suffered and are possibly worse than you would have been if you had recieved the correct treatment from the outset. Tony.

  • Think you are spot on am going to raise to issues

    One with gmc as is standerds had droped below theres ... and other with LPCT regarding tampering with my medical records note

    My GP might think am nobody ... Or off that ilk so i will show him or not disopoint him what people of my ilk do

    All get you all informed how i proced ... Rember its our right to be ignorant :)

  • Go get um Daz! and show them you are somebody who is not just going to go away as they are expecting. Most people do and thats half the problem. :)

  • Fully agree

    And cheers :)

  • hi dazis.ur spot on.gps are not gods .and we are not just there wage pakets.i am a mum of 4.gran of 11 an great gran of 1.63 yr old.i worked for 30 im entitled to a bit of decent med care.not 12month old xray shoved ot of sight by old gp.and yes ad i bin informed in june i had copd.i think it wouldnt have got bit worse ad i am gp not geting away with it.ive paid into the nhs when i worked .so now i want treatment not shoved in a cupboard.i havnt just steped ot of a lorry r werever and walked into any hospital r gps office and got immediate treatment.i have my med notes from 2yr bak.i had to pay 10pound for them.thats wer i saw xray from june 2012 wat states no action foot not need action wat a arogant man the old gp.

  • Sorry to hear of your dilemma, complaining is a very stressful long process but sometimes necessary. Clinical judgement is a hard one to challenge and all doctors vary in their opinions . The best first step is sadly try another GP. If you are really adamant then make a complaint to your practice manager, but honestly only a doctor can alter a clinical desicion.Do what you feel is best for you, keep details of everything that happens incase you need it at a later date. Hope things go well for you and you get proper diagnosis and treatment

  • Cheers yes i sumited complaint well with practice manager .. He knows i have evidance of issues with my medical records .. And looking on line is serious issue but hay av nothing to lose .. Av not even got my health but between me and you am going to be hard faced and stick it out is not nearly killing me then trying to pass the book to other doctor .. Am going to wait and see. What he dose .. A think al be ok its not like 50 years sho when there was no internet or accountability

    All keeping me eye on him with help and surport of others

    Thanks again gor all advice posative comments answer :)

  • Well done for making a complaint we are all backing you, it takes guts to do it, challenge a doctors decision.You sound like a person like myself and there is supposed to be accountability now and what they call openness. Your story sounds very familiar to me hope to hear more from you in the near future,stress is not an illness its a symptom often caused by illness or other upsets in live pattern.

  • Agreed .... Yes am sure you will hear more from me in the future as will up date group on my carry on's with wrong ones and not rights

    All the best thanks for comment :)

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