Makers/Suppliers of model kit glues and paints with low odour/irritant qualities?

I am looking for craft glues, paints and primers which are suitable for use with 'Airfix' type kits but which are less toxic than those readily available in model shops? All these products mention the need for good ventilation, but I would be happier using a product with lower volatile compounds as I have COPD. Also, is there a good mask for use with fumes as opposed to those for dusty situations? I am hoping there may be other modellers who have found ways of coping with this problem.

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  • Hi

    The only mask suitable for use against fumes, have to incorporate a charcoal filter.

    Can be rather large.

    Have you tried a low speed fan, placed to the side a behind you?

  • Many thanks for the suggestion, I know what mask type to look for now.

  • I also have this problem.

    A spray booth seems to be the best answer. Essentially a large box with a vacuum to take away the fumes. The better ones have a small turntable. See this link for ideas:

    breathe easy and happy modelling,


  • Many thanks for the link John. This idea seems a simple but effective one and well worth a try. It's definitely too chilly in March to have the windows wide open but I've got a battleship to make!

  • You can't threaten the consultant with that, and some men may say they have one already!

  • what one are you doing mate?

  • King George V battleship! Tamiya kit.

  • Why don't you contact airfix, and ask if they could recommend any water based paints for their models. You never know it might make them more aware of the breathing difficulty, and the need for more water based paint.

    good luck

  • Will do that. At least the acrylic paints seem to be less toxic than the (oil based) enamels, but there aren't the alternatives that you can get with paints for home decorating. I'm guessing if there hasn't been the demand, then the manufacturers haven't needed to develop them.

    Many thanks

  • i too have copd and find that airfix/humbrol paint is the easiest to use as for glue i am sorry but i have never come across a glue that dos'nt stink i wish i had

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