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So pleased I found this forum, hopefully I can get a better understanding of my condition

Hi All, I'm new to the group and was recently diagnosed with COPD, Bronchiectasis, Severe Small Airways Disease and Severe Asthma and possible ABPA, all at the age of just 33. I have been looking for a group which may be able to assist me in getting more insight into my condition from people who also have these conditions. At first I was afraid, I was petrified, literally and although I've come to accept that its incurable, it is manageable so any advice and support from either admins or fellow sufferers would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

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Hi Dan

I'm Lucky, am 56 and have asthma/COPD. Am trying to quit smoking as of yesterday and, as you may read, just made my first slip up. Have smoked for 43 years and have co-existing mental health issues.

This is a really friendly site and you will make lots of friends willing to reach out and help you and the staff/moderators are always around to help with questions too. Welcome to the 'family'

Lucky <3


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Welcome Dan. I've got emphysema so I can't really give any insight into your lung problems but there's plenty on here who can. :)


Hi Dan

I am not medically minded but I can provide you with a dose of humour with my posts



Welcome Dan. 33, is too young. I can understand how devastated you must be.

Can I suggest that you ring the help line? They're a mine of information and will have invaluable advice to help you to manage your conditions.

I'm fairly new here too and have learnt a lot about lung disease. It's good you're diagnosed, now you are able to find the best ways of living your life to the full.

Make that call and all the very best to you. Penelope


Hi Dan. This is a great site for help and support and as peeg says, the helpline are great and can give you lots of advice as well as send you things to read. Their number is 03000 030555.

I am 58 and have copd (emphysema in old money) but it doeasn't really stop me doing things. The key things are not smoking, a healthy diet, plenty of exercise and avoid infections.

Lynne xx


Hi Lynne! I have copd for over a year now. I am 65 and have been a smoker, (20+daily) and I cannot for the life of me, give it up. I'm coughing all night and most of the day, but, I still cannot quit the cigs. Not for the want of trying. I have tried almost everything from patches to gum, but, without success.

Patricia x


Dont let it get you down..there are a lot of people in the same boat,,,and we all live our lives to the ful !!!!!!!!!!! albeit a wee bit slower,,,life is for having as much fun as you can. so enjoy the slower pace,


Hi Dan, I have bronciectasis and asthma. I haven't smoked for 13 years, had asthma forever but developed bronciectasis after I had pneumonia about 18 months ago, constant chest infections. I make sure I do my breathing exercises every morning, I swim every week, and I walk. Keep positive, and do everything in your power to keep fit, then you will cope when you have an infection. A good doctor and consultant are invaluable. Keep positive, there are lots of people here to give good advice. Shirley


Hello Dan. I am another with emphysema. If you need specific info you can type key words into the search box (top, right) or ring the helpline. Welcome to the site.


Hi Dan and weclome to the forum, I'm sure you find losts of great advice, a wealth of experience and information on here. If you have a specific question then please give us a call here at the BLF helpline on 03000 030 555 - we can assist with information on benefits, medical issues, travel and offer an emotional support service to both people with a lung condition and those affected.

Take care


Welcome Dan I have not had long here a positive caring forum is my experience.


stop smoking


Hi dan, give the helpline a call. They are mine of information, as is this on line community, looking forward to hearing from you more x x x


Hi all. I am a 42 yr old mum of a 4 year old. I have had COPD for about 4 years now. The last year has been really bad. I have had a constant chest infection which does not want to go. Every 6 weeks I am on anti biotics. As soon as one infection goes, another comes!

My worry is I am also on doxycycline anti biotic constantly.

After hearing anti biotics are now not working as we'll, and as time goes by they are going to work less and less! What hope is there? I am really afraid of dying. Especially with my beautiful daughter whom relies on me. I already hibernate as the cold air makes me very breathless. I feel sooo old!

Anyway, sorry for doom and gloom. Just come across this site. It does look supportive.

Look after yourselves. X jo


Did you know there is a Bronchiectasis only internet club that has over 2,500 members from all over the world? It carries all the info you could possibly want to know. I have been a member since 2005, when I found it on a search engine. Loads of support and all members are either sufferers or relatives of sufferers. I refer to Bronchiectasis r us forums. Try it, we will all welcome you.

good luck'



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