Hello everybody, my appointment at St James hospital was for 9.30 this morning, the letter said to bring a urine sample, and to expect to be there for at least 3/4hours . We arrived at twenty past nine, and was seen by the consultant at about 9.45' which was super as one expects to be waiting a lot longer, because these places are busy. The consultant went through my condition with me and explained how they would be able to help me if I was suitable for the operation. What the letter did not say is that I would have no tests today and that I would only have a chat with the consultant who would explain what my options were ,and that I would have to go back on two/three separate days for further tests which I don't mind but I had got myself all worked up for the tests, anyway I now await the letters to tell me what days my appointments will be . But I must say that the consultant that I saw was lovely and explained everything to me which answered most of my questions at this time . will let you know the outcome of the tests when I have had them.

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  • All the best luck, melke!

  • Hello meike,

    Well, now you have started, and I bet you are now a bit more relaxed about it all. You are coming across as more positive. From now on, you are going to come up with questions. I would suggest that you write them down, and ask the consultant when you next see him. Remember that there is no such thing as a silly question. If it concerns you enough to think of it, it deserves an answer.

    Anyway, I am pleased for you that you got this far.

    As always, breathe easy,


  • Hi johnwr, yes as you say I feel a little more positive, it's a good idea that I write. My questions down for when I go again, the consultant asked me if I had any questions and i said yes a million but I can't think of anyone of them at the moment and as soon as I got outside I thought I should have asked him this and I should have asked him that, so yes it would be a good idea if I write it down , it was good to sit in front of someone who pulled no punches and told me just what my options are. Thank you for your concern

  • God luck to you meike.

  • Believe me you will get very good at waiting around for consultants, tests and thier results but its all for the best. Good luck meike, lets hope they can help you. Tony.

  • Good luck with everything.


  • Keep us up to speed meike

  • Hope all goes well for you meike and it is nice to have a good consultant who actually answers your questions. Take care. xx

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