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i have worked with copd right up until october last year.i am now on benefits for the first time ever and i am 63 years old but i just couldnt work any longer due to health deteriation ,i just couldnt do it any more and i dont know what benefits i can and cant claim ,i am on employment support allowance at the moment is there any other benefit i can claim, would appreciate any help

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  • The best people to contact are your local Welfare Rights group. Your local group are here south-ayrshire.gov.uk/welfa... as they understand not only what benefits you are entitled to but also how to complete many of the complex forms (which, if not correctly completed can result in claims being rejected).

    Good luck

  • recomend the citizen advice,,,,,,,,its free and they are fantastic will help if your gp is fully behind you

  • Hi casperpet

    At the Helpline we offer a dedicated Welfare Benefits over the phone - we can guide you through the benefits system and advise you which benefits or financial support you may be entitled to.

    03000 030 555 - Mon - Fri - 10am -6pm.



  • Hi Again

    Also just to be aware any benefits calculator should be used with a trained and experienced worker to ensure the questions are answered accurately. Even if you do an online calculator and it says you are not eligible this may need further investigation and support to ensure you have been given the right information.



  • Try ringing The Pension Service on 0845 6060265 - they can give advice on other benefits you can claim.

  • I agree with the above advice. You might be able to claim DLA and, depending on your circumstances, housing benefit and council tax rebate. Best to ring and check though.

    Bev x

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