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Didnt make my self clear in the question i asked

Sorry, didnt explain my situation clear. First id like thank the people who did answer, good information.Thanks again. What i would like to make clear, is that the house, i live in at the moment, is our own house, not a local authority one. Can the local council help me with housing, as bedroom and bathroom are both upstairs at the moment.??? Also do you get extra heating allowance if you have COPD and ostoarthritis??? Have had both total knee replacements. Toes fused in both feet, and go to get my first hand fused on 25th March. Just wonder what and if i am entitled too financially. Thanks

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Social services or Age concern or Blf might be able to help or point you in right direction

A know thay do grants ect but am not sure myself .. Think there is more in the know who might beable to help

All the best :)


In simple terms, no - if you own your own home then the local council cannot provide housing within their remit.

I covered this in a quite extensive radio interview with the Chief Executive of the housing company who deal with our local council's properties. I brought up a quite specific case of a chap who live alone, in his own 2 bedroomed house, but has blackouts on a daily basis. He's fallen down the stairs often, and has taken to sleeping downstairs. He applied to the council for a bungalow, which is how I got all the info. They said no...

If you sell your own home then you have the means to private rent and are not given any points on the scale they use to assess potential candidates. If you are made homeless then they may look at your case, but don't expect miracles. The council are unable to help find alternative accommodation with a private or social landlord, but may be able to give you details of local schemes and registers they have on file.

What the council can do is to assess you for what they call 'minor adaptations' in your own home. In my case I've had an extra stair rail fitted to help me get up the stairs, and a perching stool for when I'm in the kitchen, instead of having to walk to the living room to sit down if I need to. That's been a brilliant addition as it was taking me ages to get anything done through needing to take a break.

You need to contact the social services department, in our area re-named the 'adult contact team'. They will need to take lots of details and come out to see you. They are also going to need permission to contact your GP and consultant to get expert opinion.

Extra heating allowance depends on what pension or benefits you get. Usually this is paid automatically if you qualify, see

Call the BLF helpline on 03000 030 555 and see if they can be more specific about what help you may be able to get.


I'm afraid that those of us who choose to buy their own home, like me, get nothing. It's not right, but that's how it is. I have never had any sort of benefit in my whole life.

Lynne xx


That isn't true Lynne. If you qualify by virtue of being unable to work and therefore have no income, you can even get the interest on your mortgage paid (SMI). Benefits are for those who are unfortunate enough not to be able to provide for themselves and do not discriminate between home owners and non home owners. Of course those who are able to earn a living will not qualify for benefits. George


Trouble with that is George is that the interest level paid by the Government is by no means what you are charged by your mortgage provider! The difference can be quite a lot.

Bev x


Hi Stitch, yes, there's working tax credit and child tax credit. There are many benefits available to those on a low income, most of which are not off limits if you own your own home. It's a sad fact that hundreds of millions of pounds goes unclaimed, particularly by older people, because they think they are not entitled to claim. Libby


Hi, have a look at the link below - you can apply for a grant to adapt your home to suit your disablement needs which is means tested, so if you can afford to pay for it all yourself then you won't be eligible for a grant.

Also, you may be eligible for DLA (soon to be PIP) and you should call the BLF helpline and someone will be able to advise you better. Libby


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