Hopefully Thursday RBH will have a bed for me, trying very hard not to count on it as I was bitterly disappointed a couple of weeks ago. I am mentally running around like a blue arse fly making sure that the washing is done, the ironing is done, housework done, you know just all those little things you want to be sorted before you go somewhere. Physically things are not being achieved at the rate my brain is thinking about them. The washing machine is having the screaming habdabs, well it was on Sunday when a cycle took 4 hours at which point I decided to cancel it and start again. I am generally not in the habit of washing late on a Sunday evening but wee Lotbots coat was grubby and I couldn't possibly let her go out in the bitter cold without her coat fresh and clean. And to those of you who know me, no I don't give the same level of consideration as to many pairs of socks are in my hubby's drawers. Since then since then my washing machine has starting make horrible noises and all of this from a machine that is 13 months old. Somehow I think this one isn't going to give me the length of service my previous machine did. New net book continues to have the screaming habdabs also and my old one won't download flashplayer. So damn annoying when one is already stressed out enough writing essays on "how to avoid structured dependency of the elderly in critical care."

If there was a way to measure my stress levels right now pretty sure they would be in the danger zone, and somewhere they would be a warning of steam being expelled. I can't relax to watch TV or read a book because constantly in the back of my mind, such questions are going around like is there enough knickers to go in my hospital bag, do I have enough medication to come home to after discharge and perhaps it isn't a good idea to include my favourite grey bra (well it was supposed to be white) as part of my hospital bag, because a doctor might see it. Which is really stupid because I don't care at home, what if I was to be knocked down by a bus I would probably be wearing my snuggly bum hugging knickers and my grey bra then. Yes I know to you men us girls are totally illogical.

I really need to take Lotbots how for a toddle, but jeepers creepers despite the sunshine is really cold in Herefordshire, and the park is really open so the wind feels more extreme down there. Also I need to hoover the dog hair that not only Lotbots deposited last night, but Lady the Shit-zu too who I dog sat for a few hours. Then there is the mopping of the floors, cooking the dinner oh and I must sort out my meds. God my brain cannot cope, I know they say women can multi-task, but I am failing miserably.

Now someone tell me why a black bra is on my dining table in front me?

Huggles Daxiemad

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  • Hi

    Ok, now take a breath, and relax those shoulders, and again .... several more times in fact, use some progressive muscle relaxation techniques... tense then release muscle groups starting from the feet and work upwards, tense hold for a few seconds and then release.

    Take it easy, I do understand where you are coming from and yes its easy for me to say that its not the end of the world if the hoover isn't used to maximum effect. But really is the stress really worth it? Honestly? Please take some time out before you collapse.

    The email was brilliant and hopefully whilst updating us you have managed to calm down a little and I love the last bit which made me giggle.

    But for the sake of your sanity just remember that brilliant you may be but super human you are not. Look after yourself, make a cuppa and have a proper sit down, if it doesn't get done so what? Will you be worrying about it next week ? Next year? Thought not. So .............. where was that magazine again - take some time out, then if you must re-check the hospital bag - but only once ;-)

    Good luck


  • > "... a black bra is on my dining table in front me? "

    Hubby isn't telling you something ? :D

  • "Now someone tell me why a black bra is on my dining table in front me?"

    The grey bra got added to the deviant washing machine with Lotbots coat? :-)

  • Daxiemad, I was there with you, reading that message! Felt how you were feeling - what I call a get and go person. Think Helen's exercises could be useful for many of us. All the best for you. I will look forward to you walking with Lottie again. Bye - Annie80x

  • Take a chill pill! Those things are not that important (except for Lotbots).

    I wondered where my bra had got to :D

    Lynne xx

  • Tune in to your humour station KOTC

    Keep up whith some laughs


  • Daxie, I am sorry but I must correct you one thing, (very important in my eyes but not in others I expect) the dog hairs all belong to Lotte as shih tsus do not shed, I have two for this reason and rarely find a stray hair unless a fluffy tail has been trodden on.

    Carole x

  • Some were the shit-zu's because I trimmed some hair from around her eyes so she could see a bit better!

  • Whoooo! Steady on there Daxi - even my head is spinning! Hope everything goes well for you and do try and stay as calm as you can. Do the exercises as suggested by Helen and don't blow a gasket! Black/white/grey bra - who cares?! Just so long as you are ok. Thinking of you. xxxxxx

  • Deep breath (pardon the pun), find your sense of proportion, have a stiff drink and plan what you are going to do AFTERWARDS. (((HUGS))).

  • Can I employ you??

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