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Bang Goes The Theory... BBC1

Did anyone see the prgramme "Bang Goes the Theory" on BBC last night in relation to steriods? Would really like to hear your thoughts and comments on this, as I felt it really was food for thought. I've been guilty of wanting antibiotics in the past without realising the possible implications. Anyone have any views or comments? Answers on a postcard please..... (now I'm showing my age lol)



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I watched this programme with interest. I have taken numerous antibs over the years. Anything from a cat bite, tonsillitis, chest infections, septicaemia, pneumonia etc. I wouldnt be here without them.

However, there are two that \I have become resistant, with constant usage. But I think I have always used them properly. I know that my mother used to start a course. When she felt better, she would save the rest for future use.

It is a matter for concern. Antibs are used for so many conditions. I want to watch that programme again to take it all in. I suffer from a short memory thingey!!

I did not see that program but I have always been concerned about the overuse and side effects of antibiotics. I am thankful that my life has been saved by them more than once though, I thank my doctors and respiratory nurse's for this every time I see them.

But constantly over the last few years I have looked for other ways to control infection and the first thing I found in a doctor's book was the information about keeping yourself alkaline, because "infection can not thrive in an alkaline body".

He said easiest way to build up the natural alkaline reserve in your body is to eat or drink some raw fruit and or vegetables each day, raw, My teeth are not good so I shred or juice it, children love it.

Another thing I found was that manuka honey kills infection, I'm sure you already know it is used to treat mrsa in hospitals, I saw some people who are using it in their nebuliser to treat serious lung infections with good results but I would think you must ask your doctor or consultant about doing this and then off course they may not know anything about it because they are trained to use antibiotics.

It's a bit of a dilemma for us isn't it but I will keep an open mind and keep searching for answers.

Interested in your comments about alkali stuff. I am interested because I am always getting chest infections. Anything to avoid them. I think I might Google manuka honey or visit a health food shop.

Don't want to cause a problem but have always believed anti biotics and steroids performed different functions in treatment. (please check with a nurse as I've been wrong before now)

They do. My understanding is that antibios are to treat infections and steroids are to dampen inflammation, which is not the same thing as an infection.

I did not see the programme, but am also concerned about the overuse of antibios. People seem to think that they are a cure all and demand them from their docs for almost anything. However, if you have a virus, all you can do is wait for it to depart.

Fingers crossed, have managed to keep myself infection free this winter and long may it continue.

Just to say that I deleted the previous comment as I wanted to amend a spelling error and the only way is to delete and repost. Sorry

Corto steroids for inflammation is also my understanding. Rummours of an edit function from the mods then tidying up will be much less kerfuffle.

I watched it, and was very impressed at how easy they made it for the lay person to understand. I thankfully don't have to use antibiotics very much, but the programme was certainly food for thought. I recommend to anyone who missed it to catch it on BBC Iplayer.

thanx Daxie, I will look on BBC Iplayer when I get a min, that's my problem, I don't get much time since hubby had stroke, it's a struggle sometimes !

Half way through PR and asked the question yesterday! I was told (by Rehab team) that antiB's and COPD are completely different to "Mr average".

We take antiB's AND steroids at first signs and, if it turns out to just be cold virus then the steroids will still control the inflammation (which they said is good) and the antiB's won't do much harm - at least not as much as waiting to see if it's a virus or bacterial infection.

I'll take their advice and use antiB's if I think I need them - if at some time be become resistant then I'll worry about it then

Do you get many infections y_not ? see you have copd, my lung condition is bronchiectasis, we can't remove secretions in lung very easily because the little hairs in airways are damaged or missing, we pick up infection quickly if we don't remove secretions

my doctor said bronchiectasis will always have infection present and it's up to me to do "postoral drainage" at home 3 times every day to keep it as clear as I can.

Hi zube, - different conditions.

I am really lucky that my exacerbations only seem to fall around Christmas time each year. December is not a good time but for the rest of the year I am fine.

The PR is proving useful in some areas - Thursday they discussed chest clearance which I found really interesting.

Breath easy!

Just to say thanks to everyone for their input, makes for very interesting reading.

Wrap up warm if you have to go out and wear wellies if you have em (my boots to my dismay leak horribly!)

Take care


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