Coughing all the time, I can't Speak

Coughing all the time, I can't Speak

Hi not been on here for a while, I have Sarc on 5mg a day Pred and still get checked out every 6 months at Hospital. I have this cough whic is so bad I can't put a sentence together, I have had a chests infection took the medication, but had to go back to Dr he has uped my Pred to 30mg, over a week later I am still coughing and can't speak.

Any help or advice please.

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  • Hi diggerman

    Sorry read of your horrible cough - will you call us on the helpline? - 03000 030 555.

    We have nurses available who may be able to advise you on your cough.



  • I would go back to the doctor treating the case as 30mg pred is nothing at acute stage, possibly cause worsening of the condition a specialist asap don't sit around waiting for improvement. As a pred user the risks of return must have been explained follow that action plan without delay damage can not be reversed as you know.


  • Hi, Many thanks for all of your replies, I have got an inhailer and I was asked to call the BL help line which I did and spoke to a nurse who has put my mind at rest.

    Thanks again to all of your replirs


  • my best wishes for you diggerman

  • Get help diggerman as soon as possible. How long have you had sarc? Which hospital do you go to. Pete has had sarc for 22 years and goes to Royal Brompton Hospital once a year now. He coughs a lot but only really badly if he has a chest infection. Pete takes 10mg per day and around 30-40mg with an infection plus antibiotics of course. Maybe you could do with a maintenance dose of antibiotics but get it checked out. Good luck to you. xxx

  • I'm sorry I don't know what sarc is. I have cough variant asthma along with my copd when my I have a flair I take antibs plus 40 mg steroid I also use a neb with steroid in it. So maybe you could ask about using a steroid in a neb as well.

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