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well here i go again, came out of hospital in january just starting to feel back to "normal" when on sunday afternoon out of no where ( no warnings or signs) i was wheezing and coughing temperature up to 38.5.( rhetorical question) do i start prendisolone etc because i hate taking them ?,i shall give it another couple of days and see how i feel then. does any one else seem affected like me an exaberation coming on without any previous signs? my doc can`t figure it out either

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My husband is just the same - can be fine one day, wakes up sometimes in the middle of the night coughing spluttering and wheezing. In fact on Sunday night he was up at 2am on the neb. My husband tends to wait not more than 2 days and if he is feeling no better starts on the meds but I think it is a very personal thing. Yesterday not so good but today seems a bit better. It is so damn cold it is affecting my husband very badly. He can hardly walk outside! This illness is so fickle! Just look after yourself and take good care. TAD xx PS the helpline might be able to give you some good advise


I think it is more important to start the antibiotics straight away as they are what fight the infection the steroids bring down the inflammation and so make breathing easier.

Carole x


thanks iv`e started them


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