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Are nebulizers given from the hospital?


My mum who has copd is on home oxygen and all the usual medication including nebulizer 4 times a day sometimes up to 6 times when needed:( the nebulizer was on loan from the hospital but today we received a call saying we have had it ttoo long and there are people waiting for it, my mum was rather upset as we don't know if we can afford to buy one.who can i get intouch with to find out if they have a right to take it of her when she depends on it? any advice please?

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grippo2 hi my copd nurse loaned me a nebulizer at the dr surgery until i was able to buy my own, i got mine from pharmacy very helpful and plenty of advice.

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Thanks will pop in and have a chat with our local chemist and price them.:)

Hospitals and GP practices are not obliged to loan out nebulisers, it is discretionary. They are not available on the NHS, some are lucky to have them on long term loan, but loan it is, and they can be called back in anytime. Nebulisers are not as expensive as they once were, and if you do your research some good deals can be found online. Amazon UK sell nebulisers, with a useful feedback system provided by previous customers. Evergreen is another nebuliser supplier who supply a range of nebulisers ranging from low to higher in price depending on what you purchase.

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Thanks for your advice i will look into it and shop around asap before they take mums back.

I just bought an older type one from Ebay for £4.70 plus £10 postage. It's a PORTA-NEB and runs on mains. I'm waiting to see my doc to get the medicines to use in it.

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Word of caution buying seconhand can lead to sharing germs and they are sent deep into the lungs when the neb is doing the work intended.

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I am visiting the south coast soon and the company who makes them is about 3 miles from where I stay so I'll be taking it to them to get it properly cleaned and get some new tubes and masks, etc. but thank you for the warning.

Don't forget, if you are buying a nebuliser to use at home it will need to be serviced at least once a year to maintain its efficiency. Do make sure that there is a reliable service engineer/company available.

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Hi There

We have a really good factsheet on nebulisers and suppliers, call us on 03000 030 555 or email us at and we can arrange to send it out to you.



Thanks Jo will do x

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