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Hi folks,it is a great day today. we moved back to angus scotland in november past after 25years in northwest scotland.Took a private 2bed flat on the 2nd floor,,,,bad idea i really struggle with the stairs also got lovely chest infection.Did not get on with the gp at new practice who more or less blamed me for getting copd and when i mentioned that i could not work because i cant breathe,,,, told me in no uncertain terms that i could do a desk job and was fit for work.This i admit did not go down well with me she could not be bothered to read my notes,,,,so i gave her a brief run down!!!!!! left school at 15 with a job worked solid till 18 joined army did 9years and have been in full time employment ever scince in one thing or another ever since untill last april. When after struggling to breath for 2 years ended up unable to do my job,,,,,on a big estate where we looked after hol cottages and i did estate work ,,,,,chainsaw work grass cutting sheep rusttling as i called it,,,,ps sheep are not cute they are the spawn of satan,,,,,evil smelly and try and break your legs at the shearing,,,,,, fencing,,loved my job,, however in a tied house,,cant work means no house fact of life,,,, was 62 by this time so we moved to my home county of angus!!!!!! I had spent a great deal of time telling my partner how good angus is friendy welcoming nice people ect ect.1st visit to gp 25yr old anti smoking, anti fat,anti everything i think,, no experiace of life at all ,,,,,, would have been better seeing the vet. SO CHANGED MY GP!!!!!! Now someone who listens has sent me for x ray altered my medication and phs me to see how it is going,,,,THE MORAL IS IF THEY WONT LISTEN GET ANOTHER ONE THEY ARE NOT GODS WE THE WORKER PAY THERE WAGES!!!!!!!

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What an awful experience for you. I hope this new GP keeps up the good start.


I had to change mine as well.


my god wat a git of a a newbie.63 female.mum gran an great gran of 1.yes my old gp was worz.june 2012 i had chest xray.wasnt well will pain down left side .ad xray.i rung 4 results.yes fine xray gp said no action needed.b with me just havin gall bladder ot she said.xmas i went dwn ill god i was locum sent me 4 a ct was ther.i nearly died.i paid 10pnd for my last 2yrs med files.thats when i saw xray from june .it said slight highlyinflation of lungs.meaning copd r cystic fibrosis r both.wat a gp eh ignored it.i went c him tld him wat i thought an changed moderate copd.if id ad known june 2012 i wud av ceased smoking there an then.i havnt ad 1 for 4month now and wont again.ur not on ur own plenty of ignorant gps ot ther.give as good as u get i do.


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