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Bloated belly dilemma

At one time in my life I thought my lap would be a cuddly perch for my grandkids, but nowadays it’s more like a park bench where my belly hangs out.

I was told to exercise on a treadmill to the point of collapse, cut out sweets which now has me hiding KitKats in my sewing box, drink lots of water till my teeth float and avoid breads and red meats to near starvation. Aaargh, still my belly is a tight as a drum, darn uncomfortable, has made 80% of my wardrobe totally defunct and makes bending down more than 90 degrees to the perpendicular nigh impossible. Consequently, my legs are hairy enough to make a woolly mammoth proud and my toenails are things that claw holes through my slippers.

Besides being a CO2 retainer, the pulmonologist said I was a “swollower” and suggested I take peppermint oil capsules to release pent up gas. Well, all that achieved was turning my bedroom into a veritable gas chamber and driving my husband into the spare room. I need help before he finds refuge in the garden shed.

Has anyone out there got any other explanation / suggestion / idea / solution to offer?

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A thought there was treatment for Co2 retension at hospital ... But am not sure if there is any home self aminastering meds for that ... As i to suffer for telly tubies gut

A use to explote my brothers kids to cut my toe nails but all sweets in the world don't seem to work mow the getting older :(

No heard about pepper mints helping b4

Might be best phoning or email BLF helpline don't thay will cut toe nails tho :)

Anyway all the best great post :)


Will try again last one disappeared! I have got IBS and get a bloated tummy but have peppermint oil capsules, first one 5 am and like you Ntombi all hell lets loose. I do try and not swallow air when I eat. The capsules have stopped the tummy cramps, I would love a solution too.Do you take peppermint oil capsuls dazisnotsogood. I am not a co2 retainer, well at least I don't think I am.

Lib x


No am not on pepper mint caps my doctor was a w"""" to put it blunt al ask chemist as i to have had gut problems

Told my doctor about my guts winding me when i bent over .. But he fid or daid nothing

As like others with lung conditions we have to a find out for our self

All the best


I'd really push to see your doc again. I always sound like a doom monger but there was a load of stuff on the tv and radio last week about ladies and bloating etc and that it can be a sign of other things, not necessarily anything to do with the conditions we find ourselves in due to having rubbish lungs.

Marie x


I too am aCO2 retainer. I have no remedy nor suggestion for a solution to your problem but

The way you phrased your question and described your situation did make me smile !

It may be cheeky but thank you so much for that.

Good luck,



Yes, I'm inclined to agree with you Marie. My diet it pretty well balanced and I take multi-vitamins and omega 3 religiously every day and I know my digestive system is working well and loud.

I saw my GP about 3 weekls ago and he took some fresh blood samples to test for cancer markers. He also biopsied 3 very dodgy moles on my back and ankle and sent the whole lot off to the lab. Relieved to say everything came back clear. Whew. But I know what you're saying, there's always a worry at the back of my mind.

According to my pulmonologist a lot of the bloating has to do with water retention associated with rubbish lungs but, for some reason, was against giving me diuretics. I know some docs are dead against the stuff. Oh well, he said I must persist with peppermint oil. Seems my husband will have to seek refuge in the shed. :-P


Even us male get the protuding shelf in front of us. I am not a drinker other than tea or water so I can't claim it is the beer. I eat well and relatively nutritiously - not to many treats apart from ice cream! Do tend to exhaust copious quantities (according to my OH) of gas which I attribute to taking air in to my digestive system as I breathe. I guess that middle aged spread is more prevalent with us COPDers.


I found windeeze capsules helped me


I am also a telly tubby.

going on holiday on Thursday and lots of my summer clothes no longer fit me yet they did last year so I think it must be the medication. I have terrible wind problems also (i usually blame the dog).however I have a plan sorted for when I am on the plane and if I accidently break wind on the flight it will probably be the time when everyone is dozing off so I will say to my partner (who sleeps from getting on the plane till touchdown) OH DEAR HAS YOUR PAIN GONE NOW.xx


I was looking up CO2 retainer info and know this is an old post but it made me laugh so much that I had to thank you.

It doesn't make my increase of 4/5 dress sizes feel any better but at least I'm not alone being a slim person inside a now fat blob ... and all in 2 years ... (self insult not directed at you lot!)



Ntombi What an amazing mail you send us

Talking about bloating stomach and Nails etc etc etc

I enjoyed your mail so much Thank you somuch so now we just carry on with those bloated Stomack


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